Friday, November 25, 2016

When Your Subconscious Shifts ~ You Shift Dimensions

"The Attachments to 3D consciousness which exist as memory within your subconscious mind, shift first, at that deep inner subconscious level.

If existing through these memories (till cleared) and attachments, the conscious mind will constantly seek answers to problems. As 3D consciousness does NOT exist in the present moment.

Problems, things needing to be resolved, situations that appear as needing to be changed, are ALL aspects of 3D Consciousness.

Which exist only IN CONFLICT.

That is to say, conflict with the PRESENT.


Now speaking directly to your subconscious mind, bypasses the need for the mind to desperately seek the answers, it feels it needs to know. In order to solve its apparent problems. Which exist ONLY as a state of consciousness connected to either attachments to past (memories) or desires for a future, that is ALSO in that consciousness NOW.

Needing to fix NOW ~ is ego consciousness. 3D consciousness WHATEVER you want to call it. That is what it is.

Resistance to NOW.

Resistance to what is.

Resistance to how your life plan is unfolding.

Resistance to letting go of your attachments.

That is what suffering is.

It is clear.

It is precise.

YOU suffer when you have attachments. When you resist. When you live in a way, that resists NOW.

When the little you, PLAYS God, you suffer.

You resists you want everything BUT what is in front of you.

That is 3D consciousness.

Now to reprogram your subconscious mind, we BYPASS the thinking mind.

This is what the audio Activations also do. Your subconscious understands the frequency the meaning and begins to resonate with it. Which shifts your frequency.

The 3D mind with its attachments cannot FIGURE its way out of its seemingly endless problems.

Whether that is society at large. Conditions in the world. Resistance to now, NOT being present NOW is suffering.

The GREAT Part about being present is you SEE things differently than when in 3D. You do not see the same WORLD.

YOU live in a world that is completely different from the world of consciousness based on attachments to past memories.

Those memories are not your enemy. When pushed aside for lifetimes THEY become aspects of consciousness to be listened to.

To be acknowledged. To then be held in the tender arms of love. A Love that is gentle. A love that is unconditional. TRUE love does not judge.

True Love is a state of consciousness.

Just like 3D is a state of consciousness.

Being in Heaven here on Earth is also a state of consciousness.

Many live in different worlds here on Planet Earth.

IT is all a state of consciousness.

IT is not a race to get there.

The 3D mind though, thinks it is. Like making more money, getting that better house, ALWAYS got to get there first. Or get THERE.

OF course that THERE is anywhere but HERE.

That tricky 3D Ego mind of Attachments.

IT never sleeps also. It is a state of consciousness.

Now your subconscious mind, is the deeper level of you where your Blueprint and life plan, exist. It holds the memories of all lifetimes.

IT is like the inner school YOU that is SET on a program that RUNS YOU.

That is right, your subconscious mind is the program that you are LIVING through.

NOW bypassing the conscious mind, through getting deep into the subconscious is a little like playing.

It makes no sense to the conscious mind. It doesn’t have all the answers.

The great part is it doesn’t need to.

IT Only follows the program.

This program within you, that is present even though you are not aware of it as you are reading this, UNDERSTANDS this language.

This language is the truth of how you live through your Blueprint.

This programming has never been against you. Although to the ego, (that never lives in the present moment) it believes this.

We do not need to fix that.

It is taken care of because it truly does not run the show.

The Subconscious program holding your blueprint DOES.

YOU are a SOUL that had a life plan that EXISTS in many forms, in many worlds, simultaneously. In the present moment you know this. Your subconscious mind knows this.

This Soul YOU consists of LIGHT. Light as consciousness.

PICTURE A HUGE program of LIGHT that is the master computer of it all.

YOU are your own unique program held in the field of this master computer.

THE YOU that is aware, knows all of this already. I am speaking to that part now.

NOW to know if something is shifting within you.

YOU will need to be present.

The easiest way to be present IS STAY in constant connection with INSIDE your body.

Your Heartbeat, YOUR inner vibrations. The FEELINGS that you sense that you can tune into. Inside your body.

YOU may feel this even now, suddenly attuned to a vibration, that then creates a feeling in your heart. A truth, a connection. A release. Tears. Whatever you experience. FEEL even more deeply NOW.

This is part of the FEMININE Aspect that seems as though it has been lost to many. Females and Males a like.

After ALL at the Soul level, you are both masculine and feminine. That is why you desire your Twin Flame. The other you.

Of course you know that deep within your subconscious mind.

The ONE YOU that is the ONE unique YOU.

The Frequency that you are as a WHOLE Being OF LIGHT that you are eternally.

YES you never die. The Vehicle body you walk around is not YOU. YOU are the LIGHT that animates it.

And YES you may take this form and it may transform into the LIGHT that you are eternally. That is Ascension.

SO here we are, an activation. A bypass of the what ifs and hows.

A simply little ACTIVATION of Light and VOILA ~ A Transformation.

NOT painful, not long.

DEEP into the area of your consciousness that knows this language.

This language is love and truth. IT is eternal, You are it. And it is you.

The unique YOU.

The ONLY one of you.

The You that is eternal.

That is Light.

That exists AMONG the 3D world and sees the world I see now.

IT is love. It only knows love. That is all it sees and knows.

That is freedom. That is the return to the original LIGHT you.

That my Dear Angels and friends IS ALL NOW.

Attune, FEEL and embrace the feminine principle.

The FEELING part of you that longs to be loved and acknowledged and heard.

Now and forever MORE I am with YOU, in TRUE Endless Love."

"LORD SANANDA via Jenny Schilz – Accelerated Timeline Anchored – Allow all to unfold in its own timing with Deep Trust and Patience – 9-28-16

 Courtesy of

By Jenny Schiltz, 09/19/2016


It is important that you understand what an amazing time period you are living through. This is the time period when all of your lives, your lessons, and growth achieved come into one final culmination. For those that have chosen to ascend this is your graduation time. What graduation means for each person will look and feel different. Yet, the premise for each soul is the same. It is during this lifetime that you will remove all that impedes you from embodying your soul on earth. It is in this beautiful merging that you will understand the reason for your incarnations on earth and everything that you have gained.

At this moment, the accelerated timeline is anchored into your world and this allows each of you access to it.  With the approaching equinox, you each have the opportunity to leave behind the old and walk into the new. It is for this reason that so many of you have been experiencing deep releasing of the physical and emotional. It is coming forth for you to see it, feel it and choose to leave it in the past. While this may feel overwhelming and you may be at a loss on how to let go and move beyond what was, the answer is quite simple. When you are feeling burdened by your fears, your past, or your patterns, sit and ask your heart chakra to open to its fullest. Ask that you receive all the love that source has to offer and that this love help you to release all that is not stable within you. Allow this love to fill you completely and in doing so, show you the way. For there is only one way to the New Earth, only one path to Ascension and that is being and resonating with the same frequency of love that Source gives you.  As you do this more and more, you will find that all else trivial, all else is divisive, that the only truth is within this great feeling of unconditional love.  This is not to say that there is only one path to feeling this source energy, for there are many and judgement of another’s path will only lead you away from your own.

We are asking that each of you suspend the beliefs on how you think this transition will be. As each of you are creating your own realities so too do you create your own limitations and disappointments. When you allow yourself to be in the flow of source energy, with all expectations removed, that is when you will be in amazement of all that will come to you.   When you have created within your mind an acceptable version of reality, of how things should proceed, you may then take yourself from the flow of creation energies and experience disappointment. Allow all to unfold in its own timing with deep trust and patience.

It is the linear, analytical mind that envisions a path and how things should appear. Yet it is within the heart that true creation flows. Many feel deep frustration because they have a sense of where they should be and what they should be doing and with this glimmer of a potential future they create a plan. When things do not flow in that linear fashion they then go into fear and doubt, halting the flow. It is much easier for those that are feeling a calling to simply allow what will to unfold before them. They may take steps to obtain their vision but they must remain open to all that comes, in this way you are allowing yourself to be dazzled by the beauty of it all.

It is understanding that even if you are feeling stuck, unable to create change in your life, that indeed you are right where you are meant to be. It is in these moments of uncertainty that much is learned. It is in these moments that one truly understands what trusting in divine timing means. It is understanding that finding joy and peace within in all circumstances is walking the path of a master.

We ask you to not only let go of all the layers within that keep you from embodying your highest aspect fully, but that you let go of all expectations. This is how you will best utilize the energies that are streaming into your planet. These energies will change all, how much depends on each person. Yet, many will look back to this time as the catalyst that changed everything for your world.

It is a great honor that we are able to walk side by side with you on this journey.

Sananda of the Galactic Brotherhood.

Q & A with Sananda

Me: When you were talking about not limiting your path with expectations it brought to mind what happened with the purchase of my house. Once I finally decided to buy a house I received the information that it would be fall time frame when I would find the right house. I received it not only from my highest aspect, but from another intuitive soul as well. I was fine with that time frame.  Three weeks later my husband came home with a business card for a house that needed repair. We went and met with the owner who then bankrolled the repairs, while my husband did the work. Once it was loan ready, we started the process of buying it. There were moments when I thought – this is the wrong house because this is April and the info I received was October. I decided to sit with the energy of the house and trusted that it was put in our path for a reason and went for it. I am so glad I did.

Sananda: Yes, when one trusts and allows you will find that you receive exactly what you need. It is the thinking that things must go in a 1, 2, 3, 4 sequence, not realizing that it is in the detour that what you really wanted is found.

Me: You said that the equinox will be a time that many are able to anchor in the accelerated timelines into their own lives. Is it the only time?

Sananda: No, the timeline is available whenever someone is ready for that push. However, the energies of the equinox and the wave of frequencies that many call the Third Wave of Ascension will help many more to anchor in the frequencies. It is an incredible opportunity.

Me: I am seeing where people had things going smooth and now they are falling apart. It has left many feeling lost, confused, and thinking they have taken steps backwards.

Sananda: Yes, many are feeling the great shift of a higher timeline as their higher selves are pushing them in different directions. For many this push to the new is only seen by the dissolving of the old that will no longer be viable in the higher timeline. It may feel uncomfortable, but that is because it is going through the filters of expectation. If one can see each change as positive, even when things appear to fall apart, it will allow the transition to be much smoother.

Me: There is so much information out there regarding the third wave and the higher dimensions. Some of the information contradicts itself. It can be overwhelming.

Sananda: When you are observing and taking in information from your heart space, you will be able to feel immediately what does not resonate within your being. Understand that what resonates for one may not resonate for another, it is up to each person to determine their truth.

Me: I was told by my guidance team that I allow too much into my reality, that I need to filter more. When I inquired what they meant, they explained that I allow too much in through social media (I don’t watch the news).  I find that I am having a hard time balancing wanting to be socially conscious and limiting what I allow in.

Sananda: Yes, it is best for sensitive souls to limit their exposure. What you must understand is that if it is meant to be in your field it will be shown to you. For example you may be exposed to homeless or animals that are lost or stray needing assistance.  These you can help, one being at a time. Do not underestimate what acts of kindness can do. Furthermore, you may go to the store and in conversation learn of a situation in your world that causes you to think. Understand that it is you who created this scenario, you who brought it into your energetic field for your growth. When information comes to you through your media, it allows too much in at once and this disrupts your balance within.

Me: That helps. My highest aspect explained that I already know that there are wars, terrorist, corruption, crime, rape, animal, environmental and child abuse so then why do I need to dive into them. That I needed to understand that I could send these groups healing and love from my open heart chakra and this would help greatly. However, if I read a story on animal abuse and then send love, it wouldn’t be at the same frequency because part of my heart chakra would have shut down. So I will send love and healing and do what I can with what is in front of me.

Sananda: You will find that this greatly reduces anxiety and fear allowing you to utilize the higher energies much easier.

Me: Many are really blown away by the physical symptoms. Some are tired, some wired and can’t sleep. Some are having chronic conditions flair up and some are experiencing weight gain. My scalp and face have been tingling with the energies. I am finding I am either totally exhausted or have tons of ideas coming. Dreams are intense too.

Sananda: This is all part of you physical form adjusting to the light codes that are coming into the earth. You will find that you are not experiencing as much discomfort as you once did and for a much shorter duration. Your body is accommodating the higher frequencies much easier.

Me: Yes, that is true. I was lying in bed, resting but my back and hips were hurting. I said out loud “I give my full permission for these energies to change every part of me” I felt this giant expansion and then the pain released from my back and hips. I didn’t even realize I had resistance.

Sananda: Yes, many have resistance they are unaware of on a conscious level just as many are unaware that giving permission helps to release it.

Me: I was working with Metatron and a client asked why the weight gain and he said that the weight gain is the body responding to one holding the soul more and more in form. That the body will regulate as long as we don’t attach to it.

Sananda: It is a physical manifestation of the expansion taking place within each person. When one attaches emotion to it, it shows where there is dissonance within to loving oneself in all states and shapes.

Me: Thank you, I have talked your ear off.

Sananda: It is my pleasure to assist you and others.

I hope that this channeling and questions help you to navigate these intense energies. It really is an amazing time and the potential for growth is huge. Thank you, Thank you to all who share this work, it is greatly appreciated. Sending you all Love.



And for More Study


"We’ve been jumping timelines the last few nights/days where “time” actually completely collapses and all speeds up in the physical ….

Quantum Jumping and existence is a lifestyle that each learns how to maneuver with each one. In the early days, when there was a collapse, everything we had not dealt with/had avoided was in our face to “move through and deal with”… yet the more Quantum Light your cells are, the more you MASTER JUMPING by how you function and exist, the easier it gets, the more fun and awesome it is….

I used to call these different things along the way “Universal Obstacle Courses” was when I had to dodge all that was thrown at me and just let it all fly by, dealing with the few things that actually required my attention…. RIGHT THEN….

Then the more I realized HOW TO MANEUVER these and then start TRIGGERING these on purposes…this is where the FUN BEGAN!

When I started jumping by “human linear years”, then these were “landings”…. some were abrupt landings where I’d wake up and everything was going a million directions simultaneously all at once. Each time got a bit easier, until the chaos went and I was just aware of all that had to get done, so I stepped up and started getting it done. Moving through all of the physical realities that present, is definitely a balancing and MASTERY ART ….

Then I just woke up and all was done for me…. and I just got up and “did” what was waiting for me…. so very cool! I did have to cut out all distractions and things that don’t support …. I had to make a choice, as all do…. in every moment.

Your Universe will DELIVER TO YOU that which is meant to be. Because, you vibrate into that reality, you achieve the physical vibration with your own cells, the amount of PHOTONIC LIGHT that you hold, you Master you and all realities… as a Multi-Dimensional Master here.

These last many months, JUMPS are barely noticeable and very natural now. It’s no longer surprising, for you knew it was coming and would materialize all along. Now it’s like “cool, finally, now we can move to the next million-gazillion things that are ready to come forth too!” lol

You don’t have hesitation, you don’t hold back, you don’t get distracted, you don’t compromise, you constantly step-up and embrace, you do whatever it takes to anchor higher consciousness realities and hold them in place and you let everyone else go do their own realities their way, let them sit in their own judgment, let them experience whatever they need to figure it all out and you open portals/gateways/doors and keep them open for the next awesome thing, while closing portals on old realities that no longer support anyone as powerful sovereign beings here.

You will come to realize how all of this is actually created and how much you held inside. You will stop the old unconscious in it’s tracks and you’ll move on…. your heart is wide open and you love every soul, yet you also don’t need all of the human’ness in your own physical reality anymore. You choose your dimensional existence.

Human aspects don’t do well with Quantum Timeline Jumping, for this is not a linear reality and it messes with their “fixed realities” and pushes them to “do” “faster” than is comfortable for them. They want to take things slower, think about it, wait…. (usually until something happens to push them/break them/make them)….. We don’t need that in our own reality/world.

You will find a vast difference, the more you jump…. you will move through old realities and new ones instantly and boom boom boom, step up/get it done/make it happen…. They can’t see/understand, because these are energetic and don’t offer proof up front, don’t provide visible safety mechanisms, don’t cater to lack/fears … they actually trigger them… which is the point. “Safe” goes out the window and it’s “safer to jump” than to hold on. Yet it takes application of higher consciousness to understand this and an activated pineal gland to see holographically….. which requires the heart-soul connection to be fully active at all times too.

We entered SUPER QUANTUM a few months ago and since then we’ve hit mega-higher frequencies continually, which speeds up vibrational movement/existence for us all.

Right now we have gamma charging our cells and everything on earth, along with other frequencies too. We have Quickening, Stargates activating and tons more.

Going to be a super Quantum Day, with so much more to come! Are you ready to JUMP HUGE? Just open your heart and get ready. Breathe and call it forth! Observe that which occurs in the collapse ….

You can wait for a collapse or intentionally collapse…. How you experience is determined by which route you take…. ♥ ♥ ♥

Shifting Timelines, Parallel Worlds and Our Mixed Up Reality!

Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists.

"Quantum mechanics, though firmly tested, is so weird and anti-intuitive that famed physicist Richard Feynman once remarked, "I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." Attempts to explain some of the bizarre consequences of quantum theory have led to some mind-bending ideas, such as the Copenhagen interpretation and the many-worlds interpretation.

Now there's a new theory on the block, called the "many interacting worlds" hypothesis (MIW), and the idea is just as profound as it sounds.

The theory suggests not only that parallel worlds exist, but that they interact with our world on the quantum level and are thus detectable.

Though still speculative, the theory may help to finally explain some of the bizarre consequences inherent in quantum mechanics, reports

The theory is a spinoff of the many-worlds interpretation in quantum mechanics — an idea that posits that all possible alternative histories and futures are real, each representing an actual, though parallel, world.

One problem with the many-worlds interpretation, however, has been that it is fundamentally untestable, since observations can only be made in our world.

Happenings in these proposed "parallel" worlds can thus only be imagined.

MIW, however, says otherwise. It suggests that parallel worlds can interact on the quantum level, and in fact that they do. "

""The idea of parallel universes in quantum mechanics has been around since 1957," explained Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, and one of the physicists to come up with MIW. "In the well-known ‘Many-Worlds Interpretation’, each universe branches into a bunch of new universes every time a quantum measurement is made. All possibilities are therefore realised – in some universes the dinosaur-killing asteroid missed Earth. In others, Australia was colonised by the Portuguese."
"But critics question the reality of these other universes, since they do not influence our universe at all," he added. "On this score, our "Many Interacting Worlds" approach is completely different, as its name implies."
Wiseman and colleagues have proposed that there exists "a universal force of repulsion between ‘nearby’ (i.e. similar) worlds, which tends to make them more dissimilar." Quantum effects can be explained by factoring in this force, they propose.
Whether or not the math holds true will be the ultimate test for this theory. Does it or does it not properly predict quantum effects mathematically? But the theory is certain to provide plenty of fodder for the imagination.
For instance, when asked about whether their theory might entail the possibility that humans could someday interact with other worlds, Wiseman said: "It's not part of our theory. But the idea of [human] interactions with other universes is no longer pure fantasy."
What might your life look like if you made different choices? Maybe one day you'll be able to look into one of these alternative worlds and find out.


Quantum Timeline Collapses / Quantum Jumps

"These quantum timeline collapses/jumps are huge lately loves. A collapse PUSHES you.... to step it up... these are bigger/huger than ever before, so the push is bigger.... you don't get to keep playing in the old, you don't get to slack and live from that safe place of unconsciousness anymore.

YOU will be challenged and you'll have to deal with anything not in-alignment with your higher consciousness existence.

Realities are collapsing in every way for those who are at the point of "getting the point".... Where do you let other's chaos become yours?

Where do you go unconscious or do you become more conscious, aware and deal with appropriately?

We've had 2 days of Diamond Razor Frequencies (the day before yesterday and today). These cut through the chit. Literally. They put everything in your face, trigger anything that's not okay, got to be resolved, dealt with... yesterday we had super mega high solar winds, kicked our linear butts to where we could not hardly work/function and just had to get through it by shifting how we function.....

Today, super strong razors again. These go for the jugular, make that which was not visible before visible and they bring frenetic/chaotic/scattered energies.... panic for those who are now faced with dealing.

These are BEYOND POWERFUL frequencies loves. You are going to be challenged to HOLD THE NEW IN PLACE, check yourselves to see where you are coming from, as the higher we go, the deeper we go and these "cut to the core" and bring all human'ness/separation/lack to the forefront... make all visible.

They also require YOU to hold your higher realities in place, as the human aspect will go ballistic in these.....

YOU have to see which aspect you are, for if you have any human'ness left, it's gonna get triggered.... it's the point. HOW you maneuver, how you deal, where you come from, what you still allow... this is key here.

These are "stop the bullshit" frequencies... not "others out there".... you. When others bring their chaos, lack and disrespect to you, you will have to deal with it... as love and power... simultaneously. This is MASTERING the PHYSICAL...

Yesterday was PURE HEART OPENING... deeply profound, deeply beautiful, deeply sacred. These are the opposite. More love & more triggers, all in less than 24 hours....

These frequencies basically "will throw you about"...
if you are not present, centered and functioning from the depth of your own inner power and purity.....

We are having to STOP OLD PROGRAMS in their tracks with these. No more playtime in the old human games.

Pay attention... check your own emotions and mindsets and see what is going on with you. 

Human is obnoxious, impositional, pushy, doesn't get it yet. Often, it will be up to you to RE-EDUCATE according to your own higher understandings through your inner wisdom heart-soul.

Human aspects just waking up don't realize or understand... they also don't want to hear it or deal with it.

Those times (vibrations) are over. This is WHY those physical realities are collapsing. They were built on separation consciousness (unconsciousness).

Here we go. More profound, more love, more magic, more awesome and more chit being triggered so it can be visible for you to choose.... This is how it is ....

Do you get sucked into other's collapses while they work their own stuff out?

Do you take their own inner/outer battle and fight on as your own?

Do you try to take their experience away from them or do you require that they come from love and respect too?

Do you hold the new in place or do you go back to old earth realities to try to play again/still?

WE are always in "Choice Point" now loves..... Peace, bliss and magic are a result of holding higher consciousness realities in place. You can't have both. Or you are not done yet. ♥

I love you. These powerful Diamond Light Activation are huge. Physical realities will be rocked when they are not built on the foundation of purity and love as a soul here. ♦ "


How to Change your Reality by moving into the Timeline You want to be Living, another words all aspects of the LIFE you really want to be living. 

Your Sovereign Will to Make Choices and your capacity to Feel is all you need to Co-Create Your Reality. And move into a Timeline that you want to be living in.

Step 1.    Identify the Timeline you want to live in. See it in your minds eye with as much clarity and emotion as you can.

Step 2.    Shift your Vibrational State to match that Timeline.

Step 3.    Lock in the Vibrational State so that it does not waver. Hold the image, look at it often. Hold the Excitement and the feeling of living that life.

Step 4.  Take an action that is an expression of the new timeline in which you want to be living in.

Step 5.   Perseverance. You must persevere with the image, the belief and the action of the timeline you want, no matter what outside information doubts you, judges you, tries to convince you it can't or wont happen. You MUST PERSEVERE. 

Your current timeline is an accumulation of beliefs, patterns, intentions over your life and your programming. As well as your family, DNA, programming over many generations.

You really do have to PERSEVERE to break through this pattern and into the timeline you want to be living in.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

USE Your Sovereign POWER to CHOOSE.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Multiple Realities encompass,
Parallel Realities
Alternate Realities
Multidimensional Realities
Some Multiple Realities resonate to the same frequency of expression and other realities resonate to different frequencies of expression. Hence, multiple realities that all resonate to the third/fourth dimensional frequency band are known as Parallel Realities or Alternate Realities.

On the other hand, realities that represent different frequency expressions of the same experience are known as Multidimensional Realities.

Because planet Earth is shifting into the higher dimensions, Her Parallel/Alternate Realities are also traversing into different frequencies of form. Hence, Parallel and Alternate realities are blurring into a similar pattern of ever transmuting versions of life.

Let me give you a brief description of each type of reality.

To make this description simpler I will title the reality in which you are reading this message as your Base-Line Reality.

Parallel Reality

A Parallel Reality is created every time you make an important either/or decision that has the possibility of changing your life.

For example, if you choose to leave a certain job, there will be a Parallel Reality in which you keep that job. Your Primary Point of Perception - the YOU to whom I am speaking - may not know about this Parallel reality, but your Multidimensional Soul does.

Your Multidimensional Soul has taken the long trip down from Source into the world of form and wants to experience every possible option for every experience.

As your consciousness returns to the innate multidimensional thinking of your fifth dimensional SELF, you will be able to easily compute both your Base-Line Realities and all the Parallel Realities that shoot out whenever you make an either/or decision.

In this manner, you can have optimum learning from every experience and share your Parallel Realities with Source.

While our Base-Line Reality is the physical world, you will be unconscious of the fact that every possible versions of any given reality was lived out in a Parallel or Alternate Reality. Also, there is a difference between Parallel and Alternate Realities. Your personality in your Parallel Realities is similar to your personality in your Base-Line Reality.

On the other hand, in Alternate Realities you explore alternate types of personality in similar situations as your Base-Line Reality. Therefore, your Alternate Realities are comparable to your Base-Line Reality but YOU are undergoing the same situation through the viewpoint of a different personality.

In this manner, you can explore different personality traits and even different expressions of your Divine Qualities within similar, yet slightly different, situations.

As your primary consciousness expands into the upper fourth and lowest fifth dimension, Parallel and Alternate Realities often “bleed through” into your Base-Line Reality.

In this manner, your Parallel and Alternate Realities converge into the ever-expanding Oneness of your ego self who is merging into your Multidimensional SELF.

In fact, when your point of perception rises into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will be able to preview all the Parallel and Alternate Realities of your third/fourth dimensional self. Consequently, you will be able to gain the most information and learning from your time in lower worlds.

From the perspective of your Higher Dimensional Expression you will be able to view your many manifestations of SELF without judgment.

One of the reasons why you choose NOT to be aware of your Parallel and Alternate Realities while still holding a 3D form is that there is a strong potential for self-judgment. This self-judgment would greatly hinder your ascension process. Thus, most ascending ones choose to limit the perception of their other realities to those that they believe they can use and/or heal.

I am giving you this information now so that you will have a more in-depth understanding of your myriad multiple realities.

Then, you can more easily follow the journey of Mytre and Mytria as they experience their Multiple Realities. They share their experiences with you so that you can more easily piece together the many versions of your complicated, polarized reality.

Your 3D Blinders are coming off now. If you do not prepare yourself for your true world, you could become so overwhelmed that you may limit or halt your ascension.

Furthermore, it is often easier to understand another’s experience than it is to understand your own. By learning love and compassion about the challenges of others, you organically learn to be more loving and compassionate regarding your own challenges.

Perhaps Mytre and Mytria are finally ready to complete their preparation for merging…

Mytria and I “prepared” for our merging by intimately communicating with our minds, our hearts and our bodies.

We had been apart more than we had been together, but our time together had sent both of our lives deeply into our Paths of Ascension. We made love again and again, and each time we merged our bodies more into Oneness. Then, we had an experience neither of us had ever felt.

We seemed to fall asleep, but we “woke up” together in a world that neither of us had ever consciously experienced.

At first, it felt as though we were in a thick fog. However, the fog was not cold, hot or damp. In fact, the fog seemed to twinkle with minute particles of light that appeared to blink on and off. We could only vaguely see each other, so we held hands tightly as we wandered through the twinkling fog.

There appeared to be gravity and solid ground beneath us.

However, the gravity was much less than we were accustomed to, even in the Mothership, so we walked/floated through the unseen world. Eventually, we realized that we were in-between realities and would need to combine our Heart-Minds to focus on creating and/or finding a reality with some degree of form.

Eventually, we realized that we were in some form of membrane that flowed between different frequencies of reality. Then, in a flash, we both understood that we were IN the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are living membranes that resonate between each frequency of reality. Every Akashic Record stores the molecular pattern of every experience and sensation that is sandwiched between that Akashic Membrane and the Akashic Record that resonates one octave lower.

Neither one of us had consciously read the Akashic Records, but we realized that now we would have to do so in order to get our bearings.

Once again we joined our consciousness to amplify our abilities. Mytria has worked with the Great Mother and had connected with all her multidimensional emotions and sensations, and I had greatly expanded my multidimensional thinking and the power of intentional thought.

Together, we were much more than we were alone.

We faced each other, toe to toe, heart to heart and head to head and merged our consciousness into the Oneness. With loving comfort, I surrendered into the downloading of her abilities into me, as she surrendered into the download of my abilities into her. This membrane reality had no sense of time, so we could not predict how long we remained merged. However, due to our mutual downloads, we shared with each other every experience we had while we were apart.

Suddenly, our eyes flew open, and we looked into each other’s eyes, feeling as though that we had NEVER been apart.

It is difficult to put into words the shift that occurred within me. All that I can describe is that somehow I was completed. The ever-present sense of longing that I had suffered since I left Mytria and came to the Mothership was replaced with a quiet sense of security and unity. Mytria told me that she felt the same.

We stood looking into each other’s hearts until we realized that the fog was beginning to shift. We observed as the dim glimmer of lighted particles began to connect into mutable patterns of energy. In total unity of thought we simultaneously reached out and touched the pattern closest to us.

Instantly, we were transported into ancient Earth, many millennia before the fall of Atlantis, and saw our first Pleiadian Colony.

We had just arrived from Lyra, our Homeworld, looking for adventure.

Our society started out small, but quickly multiplied within just a few generations. We were happy and peaceful for thousands of years. However, the easy life that encouraged creativity within those whose hearts sought Power Within, created an urge to control for those who sought Power Over others.

We had never known the slow progression of time nor the freedom to explore our inner selves that we found on Earth.

Hence, we didn’t suspect that some of us harbored a need to dominate and control others. At first, the “others” that were dominated were non-humanoid. Thus, the animals, plant life and body of the planet were mistreated with no remorse. Eventually, the few expanded their dominance to restrain and injure their own kind.

Conflict arose between the two diverse manners of expression, which quickly expanded into fighting and, eventually, into outright war.

The violence escalated until the damage to planet Earth was so devastating that we had to leave the Paradise that we have turned into a war zone. The peace that we had sought in our new home was damaged by the few, as well as by the many who lived in denial until it was too late.

Our vision ended as we sorrowfully watched as the remnants of our wounded society re-entered their Space Craft to find yet another new home.

We returned to the fog/membrane knowing exactly why we had to suffer so long in the Galactic War of Service to SELF societies against Service to Others worlds.

We had always thought of ourselves as the victims, yet it was our own society that started the karmic cycle of “energy out is energy back.”

We then understood that we were IN the Akashic Records of planet Earth, and surmised that we must stay there until we were fully briefed on the TRUE history of Earth. Hence, we worked our way forward from our first landing on Earth. Yes, we came again to Earth to make similar mistakes.

Once again we abandoned Earth, leaving Gaia to repair Her world.

It is for this reason that we Pleiadians are now so dedicated to Gaia.

Eventually, we found ourselves in the Akashic Records of Earth circa 2013 AD, the reality timeline that we would be visiting. However, we realized that before our lessons were completed we had to investigate the myriad Parallel and Alternate Realities of that timeline.

We needed to be fully updated on all this information, as we would be educating the ascending humans about their true history.

Many that were the “dark ones” in one reality were the “saviors” in an Alternate Reality. In order to fully transmute a third/fourth dimensional reality into the fifth dimension and beyond, the myriad reality timelines would need to merge into ONE.

Hence, the polarized expressions and alternate choices of different realities needed to merge into ONE.

Once these third/fourth dimensional polarities and realities are merged, Gaia and Her inhabitants can more easily merge with the higher creations, choices and expressions of their Multidimensional Realities.

The ascending ones, humanoid and non-humanoid, that we will visit are the forerunners of this multidimensional merging.


naked science season 8 living in parallel universe

Crossing Between Parallel Realities & Multiple Versions of Yourself

We are not yet able to give a meaningful definition of reality – whether our own or otherwise – but we can be certain of certain ways we experience reality or realities.

One of the most basic aspects, which in some way can be seen as problematic, is that we take our experience of reality as fundamentally true and absolute.

Except in cases where we think we are losing our heads, we do not question our reality and we certainly do not perceive it as being relative – that is, one reality out of an multiple or infinite number of alternatives.

This is the way we are cognitively wired up and in a way it makes functional and evolutionary sense. We need to make sense of our external environment by having more or less stable patterns of how we perceive reality.

Although it’s OK to appreciate this fact objectively from a detached point of view, the problem is that most of us are subjectively blinkered to believe that what you see is what you get with no questions ever asked.

The Tragedy of Being Locked in One Absolute Reality

The way we perceive our reality is crucial and fundamental to our own living and survival both individually and collectively.

Conflict, war and genocides were born out of interpreting the current reality according to one’s ideologies, beliefs and twisted historical facts no matter how irrational or insane they were.

Cultures are separated by different collective interpretations of reality and each one believes without question that their ‘reality’ is true and absolute.

In our modern day world, for instance, we do not often realize how we are living a consensual reality of unconscious consumerist madness. We just feel that’s pretty normal and the way it is…but clearly it is not…it is just a constructed and warped reality in which we were molded.

Moving Forward: From a Flat World to the Multiverse

On a more positive note, there has been a kind of slow historical drift or movement in Science, Philosophy and Culture towards the appreciation that reality is pluralistic.

That means that the way we perceive and experience reality can be different for different people, cultures and timelines.

Beyond this, Science has since the dawn of Quantum physics opened up its doors to the theoretical possibility of parallel Universes or what is often referred to as the Multiverse. All these conceptual advances are starting to reshape the way we look at the nature of reality.

What was unquestionable now becomes a subject of scrutiny and what was taken as absolute is now considered as a matter of degrees. This for me is the advancement of human knowledge.

One can now talk openly about the possibility of parallel realities and parallel timelines without feeling embarrassed or threatened by cynics and bigots…well at least to some extent.

So let us talk clearly and openly – new discussions need to open up and evolve. There is now some general consensus even in scientific circles such as in Cosmology, Quantum and Theoretical Physics and Astronomy that there are multiple realities – not just different interpretations – but real objective realities that differ from each other either minutely or completely.

Infinite Worlds and Possibilities

The basic idea behind the so-called Multiverse theory, supported by eminent proponents such as Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, Max Tegmark and Michio Kaku among others, is that there are other Universes outside our own that follow the same laws of physics but have different configurations.

This means that there are possibly Universes that have evolved exactly as our own albeit minute details.

This means that there could be a Universe where you exist or have existed through the same historical timeline with some minor insignificant variations – such as where you wouldn’t have had small pox when you were a kid or one in which you chose not to sit for a particular exam.

More interestingly is the ‘many worlds interpretation’ in Quantum physics, which in short says that certain observations cannot be predicted in absolute terms since there is a range of possible observations with a different probability and each of these observations corresponds to a different Universe.

On a macro level, the implication of this is that every choice, action or interaction you make is a range of possible outcomes that collapse into one in your current timeline.

However all the other possible range of choices or actions would have been carried out in a parallel timeline – in a parallel Universe where a Parallel you would experienced a different set of circumstances and carried out different choices.

Connecting the Parallel Lines through Higher Dimensional Consciousness

The big question is now whether these parallel realities and timelines experienced by different versions of yourself are just possible realities out there or are they realities we can connect to, exchange information with and possibly switch from one timeline to another.

Weird as it may sound, there are people who theorise that we sometimes ‘switch realities’ without knowing because it happens in an instant and the variation is so small that goes unnoticed.

I’m not sure about this point of view but what I am very confident about is the idea that our consciousness may be experiencing multiple timelines at some higher dimension.

I do not want to get sidetracked by my ideas about consciousness but in short I subscribe to the point of view that our consciousness is layered over multiple dimensions of reality at the same time although we mostly experience this third dimensional reality.

Some non-ordinary states of consciousness such as those experienced through certain entheogens give you the ability to experience your multidimensional consciousness.

You access higher dimensional states of yourself transcending beyond time, your limited views of reality and beyond your ordinary sense of self.

You can access information about your future because at even one higher dimension than our own, there is no unilinear direction of time.

You can literally ‘walk’ through time in the same way you walk through space.

At even higher dimensions, it is very possible to ‘walk’ through all possible timelines at once. It is like jumping from one version of yourself to another.

Meeting your Other Selves

I believe that this is why we can sometimes have precognitive dreams or Deja-vu because information from our consciousness at a higher dimensions seeps through our normal waking consciousness or in dreams.

So the question is whether we can access information from a higher dimensional level of our consciousness which is experiencing different timelines of ourselves. In other words, can we ‘meet’ other versions of ourselves and experience or learn alternative possibilities.

Think for example of the possibility of seeing how a more entrepreneurial or creative version of yourself behaves. How does she or he think, talk, walk, behave in certain situations. What habits would he or she have? and so on.

Making the Quantum Leap

Interestingly there are people like Burt Goldman who has spent his entire life exploring and teaching others about this possibility through a program called ‘Quantum Jumping‘.

He believes that there are certain methods we can use to ‘get in touch’ with alternate versions of ourselves and get inspired to change and to acquire those traits which our parallel self possesses.

Imagine for example meeting the explorer version of yourself or the best-selling book author. What would you learn? What aspects of his or her personality would you like to brush off on you?

Fantastical as it may sound, I do have an inner conviction that there is so much potential to discover about shifting our consciousness and realities we still know little or nothing about. Just look at the way we sometimes get stuck in a flat reality with little possibilities on the horizon.

We then make a shift in consciousness – our reality and the way we experience changes completely. 

Our horizons expand and we start seeing opportunities we weren’t seeing before. We get energized and start doing things we never thought possible. This seems like literally quantum jumping to another version of our self. What makes this shift? What makes us jump? How did we bend our reality?

These questions are definitely important and ones we should keep on asking. Let’s keep on talking about this possibilities and as the saying goes – Give yourself a chance to be yourself….or perhaps other versions of yourself.


If having parallel lives is possible, what about cause and effect? Mira Kelly

Monday, November 7, 2016

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