Thursday, November 16, 2017

For me the whole moving timelines is an old hat. Yet there are others who have seen it in their physical reality for over a decade. Perhaps we have all seen it throughout our life in small ways and now it’s simply much grander. I do know that we are in a better world, a higher vibrating timeline that is clear. As we see Pedophilia and Molestations called out. We see corruption crumbling from the top down and many more clear, without a doubt signs that the Dark has been defeated and that the reality we are in is a much less dense reality and freedom, complete freedom from the dark is within site.

Then there are others who are new to the Mandela Effect and in that stage of discovery and perhaps fear or anger. When I first noticed I had shifted realities, there was not a lot of videos out there. I remember jumping on each one for the Mandela Effect at first and then on Parallel Realities, Quantum Jumping, Changing Timelines and then it all faded back into life as they say. And walking among those who have not seen it, yet changed forever because I have. My life has been that way all along anyway, always seeing something and feeling something different than the humans around me.

I know it has happened to me, I have no doubt that it has or what is actually going on and I have great faith in that. However, it tends to make my daily life feel a bit humdrum, or even radically on the other side of the scale and such pure magic that this version to is to out there for not just most of them but most all of them. I have never been one who needed approval of others. When I know something is happening as seen with my eyes for me personally, or seen psychically or I just know, well then I do. However, knowing that I moved to another world seemingly just like that, yet knowing it was thousands of years in the making, well it changes things. It makes me feel no permanence at all, and I was never one to be attached to the material world anyway. So after the Mandela Effect knowledge was clear well there is nothing more important than understanding how I changed timelines and to do it at will to a timeline of no pain, no money system, no oppression and complete actual freedom. So I have been studying that since then, and not like before, but with the mind that, Hey I can move to another physical world in an instant.

Before this I had already detached from my home, belongings, and all that held my life in some sort of particular belief, social standing, the whole whatia do for a living nonsense and well after that I detached even more, understanding that there is no physical. While at the same time feeling body pain, needing to manifest abundance for food, warmth and clothes.

The conundrum is obvious and the Faith in waiting for the tide to change as old timelines, realities and stories collapse, well that is the intermittent challenge. As I await, yet participate in a newer, higher vibrating timelines immerge. Having this faith yet at the same time wishing it to hurry up as my human body suffers. Then I head back into thought and healing and creating a higher vibrating thought pattern as I hold still unattached from all realities and awaiting the emergence of the Reality that is the highest possibility, probability for me personal, whoever I am in the grand scheme of universal things.

~Reverend Crystal Cox
After traveling to this dimension it became a bit of woe is me now what? I know I have moved realities, timeline and I understand what is happening with timelines collapsing and our ascension. However, it is still not “my world” per say. Thinking my way out of one version of life and into another is not that easy. Convincing my inner beliefs to be different so my reality moves is a process indeed. Saying the words are words, however we must change our belief system, that is so ingrained our our patterning. That takes the tides of TIME. Yet knowing in our heart of hearts that Time does not Exist.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Increasing Efforts To Exit Timeline #33 And Enter #42: The timelines are moving and shifting. David Topi provides us with an update, as well as guidance on how to shift to a higher vibrational timeline.

"We continue to give guidance on the movements of the timelines because these few weeks are so critical that everything can loosen and fall away, while there is a little tuning with timeline # 42.

Although seen from a human point of view, the fact that we have a few months before they finish separating. After that it will be very difficult to move from one timeline to another.  From the point of view of those who assist us we are in a flashing start seeing a greater separation than other realities where we exist.

As we have said in previous articles, there is a physical separation at the moment, where some go one way living out new experiences, that at some point will lead to a different kind of reality, and others will remain with experiences that lead them to a much more complex and overall negative complicated reality.

It becomes difficult to write this, because even when you explain it, such as in the several articles over these past few weeks, thousand of doubts, fears and difficult questions come up. What happens when there is no more energy footbridges crossing between the lines?

We know that during the coming months there will still be enough bridges, it’s easy to change lanes, but then there are fewer and fewer possibilities because the roads increasingly separate us more and more. And we know that perhaps in a few years, there will be a single crossing point between the two time lines.

 Increasing efforts to exit the timeline # 33

(If you would like to do a translated version of this for, let me know — Laron)
So rather than ramble and create agitation around events that have not yet reached us in our linear time, we will continue putting effort to do what we can do right now, which is to help move as many people who are ready to the timeline that will facilitate evolutionary processes and progress mankind. This is important to do without delay.

Generic Requests

As we talked about in the previous article on one of the most important anchors we all have, which is the fear of leaving behind others associated with the fear of being left alone, and we explained how to deprogram. We will include now also a generic request to our Higher Self, to phase out other anchors, hooks and connections that tie us to line # 33 and prevent us attune with # 42.

The information I get is very generic, it’s like taking a little that is superficial in the first instance, to provide instructions, or an affirmation, that can be used to enter in details for internal programming. So, one way to start letting go some of the things is a conscious higher self request:

Eliminate everything that prevents me from anchoring and tuning in 100% to timeline # 42, and what keeps me connected and tuned into timeline # 33.

From using this type of request continuously, we may get a feeling and notice the effects it has on us. This should lighten part of what resonates in our energy and multidimensional system and what prevents us to connect with each other. When I say continuously, I continuously mean, for months, at least until you have 100% certainty that 100% of your entire multidimensional structure is already in the water (# 42), and no part of you in the oil ( # 33).

Movements “other side”

Why this tone of “hurry” that imbues the energy of this discussion? Because those who control the planet are doing everything possible to prevent peoples shift to line 42, because they can not reach it in any way, hence the efforts to keep the maximum number of people on timeline 33, which is based on their control over the populace ( races in control and “elites” in power — Spanish pdf). Our actions help like a counteroffensive.

They do not know how it can end, but try to stop us anyway. Those who make the effort can help to keep the shield, protection and bridges between the lines, and reduce the intentions of the control system, but you still have to move by yourself with the help and assistance of ourselves in terms of our being or higher self — so we should think about moving on.

The following paragraph is extracted from a data packet received from those who are part of the “coalition” pro humanity, last Saturday night.

“We asked him what that would destroy [the races in control] which serve as a resource, such as nutrition, as an operational base. He says they already have other nurseries in the universe. We asked if it bothers them, and says that we are only food (thought form fear/negative energy — Laron) from the beginning.

Says the food is contaminated, food is toxic even for them. I answer that some breeds thrive on negative energy. The response is that these races are negative energy junkies, too much negative energy is also bad for them, but do not care.”

Although I have not included the whole conversation, what they want is for us to come, (those who view us from the outside). It’s reached a time when there’s so much negative energy, but which also hurts them, even the races that created us. They are seeking a solution to get rid of this “toxic nursery”, while trying not to lose any human being to any level that can no longer be reached by thtem, frequency speaking.

It’s too, they told us, too toxic and harmful — the “etheric” accumulation around the planet, even for them, all that has accumulated on Earth that is like that because they feed on negative energy, but which makes them lose strength and vitality from doing it.

Like eating every day at McDonald’s and getting addicted to it by the additives, knowing that it’s making you sick and unhealthy, so something is happening to them.

On the other hand, as we can not allow the earth to be a polluter for the rest of the solar system and the Alcyone to which we belong, no one can take this energy from here, and therefore all accumulates on Earth , everything stays on Earth, everything is stored on Earth, including the concentration of brutal and dirty black energy around the planet right now.

This is because our entire solar system is part of a larger set which is ruled by the star or central sun Pleiades constellation we also call Alcyone.

Everything runs in cycles, and everything works within hierarchies. The system to which we belong has ties, connections and is located in one of the bands of the structure of another major star this subset.

As an analogy, again, you can visualize it as an atom where one of the electrons changes its charge, destabilizes, constantly raises and lowers its energy, affects the other atoms in its orbit and sometimes slows down to the speed it needs.

This causes changes not visible to us, but if for the rest of the set, they must constantly adjust the parameters of the shields, energy fields, lines of force, etc. In all the major solar subset to which we belong, not to mention the rest of the planetary spheres of the same systems which are also partially influenced.

Although those in control of these planetary spheres already take the necessary precautions so that the life system on Earth does not greatly affect their own evolutionary processes, it is inevitable that the swings to which we are subjected will affect them.

Well, seeing this scenario and seeing the movements of both sides, we are in the middle and have no choice but to act — it depends on us — it is still the individuals work to leave the loop of the 33, which is the “nursery” of energy that is getting worse.

While they try to stop us from disconnecting from this line, this should not prevent us from trying to achieve it, while we wait for the movements that both sides carry out, some to assist in the process, others to neutralize it."


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The feeling in your physical body is your Divine Compass of Truth.  Notice your body's reaction, pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally. This is how you tell the Truth from a Lie (for you), what is of the highest and best for YOU personally in any given choice or situation.

You know the TRUTH for you. No master, no healer, no teacher knows your Truth for you. Only YOU know that. However, learning to listen and TRUST YOU is something I have had to actually pay attention to and practice daily.

How you choose to respond to a circumstance, creates your reality, your timeline.

There will be many voices in your head. Also known as Egos. They will pitch different versions, choices, benefits and scenarios to you for every given choice or situation. Listen, don’t listen. However, DO PAY attention to how your body feels about the choice or the ‘’PITCH’’ your EGO or Ego personalities are giving you.

If you Truly listen to your body and do NOTHING out of guilt, obligation, what you think other people want, will like or approve of, then you will be attracting on the Timeline you really want to be your ‘’Reality’’, your Life.
*Reverend Crystal Cox

The planet, Mother Earth, has moved into a higher frequency future. 3D timelines have collapsed. You will never be in 3D again. This has Shifted the entire planet Consciousness into a future version on a positive Ascension Timeline. This skips entire planetary Consciousness field repair and quantum leaps human consciousness into a future timeline with much higher frequency.

We are currently in a planetary event that is affecting all on this Earth and Beyond the end of 2017 shifting into the higher frequency. Have Faith and let it pass through.