Saturday, May 27, 2017

Your Biased Self  vs. Your True Self

Your Biased self will be Triggered. 
Your True Self will Not. 

By Bias I am referring to patterns, programs, habits, beliefs, and all that is programmed in  us that is NOT actually ours, yet we act as if it is ours and we trust our Triggers and we React to them as if it is our true self and our real belief system..

This is what we want to draw attention to and to STOP this biased self and make actual choices in the NOW, based on our True Self, based on what we REALLY want in the NOW, in the Real Self version of us, instead of the programs and patterns of the past (our Biased Self)

Most Triggers are automatic, they come up and you react from a place where you think you are acting / reacting / choosing of your own free will.
But you are really reacting / triggering from a place of past patterns, programs and instilled beliefs, of habit, of old energy.

You may feel as if you have no choice to change this. However, you have time, as you sit there, you see the Trigger and you can exercise free will and CHOICE as to whether or not you react / act upon the trigger.  By react I mean accept it as truth and get depressed, feel guilt or shame, feel bad in any way, yell or scream, fight and defend and other low vibration reactions. You can take a moment and sit quietly, feeling and knowing you are Triggered and face, heal the Trigger as it comes up.

For me it is best to remove myself from the room, the trigger and to go meditate, at least at first. Go to a room alone, play meditation music or something to focus your mind on and away from your thoughts. (More tricks on this later). I find it very helpful to play Rife healing sounds for Emotions.

Breath in way down deep and out over and over and then take a look at the Trigger. Look at what words come up to describe your reaction. Look at what excuses, reasons, beliefs come up to defend the Trigger / the reaction.   Is it rational?   Do you really believe it in the now.  What is the thought behind Triggering?  What made you trigger in regard to an outside force, energy or issue? Something outside of you, Some noise, action, person, word, animal, TRIGGERED YOU. Why?

From this point you can see the issue and feel mad, anger or whatever emotion it brings up. Then sit in your NOW, your total belief system and talk to that version of you. Does it make sense for that to have triggered you, is it even believable to this NOW version of you. Or was it a habit, a program, old beliefs, or patterns.

What would it feel like if you went Triggered by that particular thing. Try and see a version of you that was not triggered, what does that look like, feel like?

Ask Spirit to assist you to remove old beliefs, triggers, patterns, programs and REMOVE / Release this for every version of you in every reality, every lifetime, and through your ancestral line from the beginning of time, in any incarnation until this very moment.

State that you remove old programs, patterns, beliefs that cause this trigger. Ask Spirit to assist you.

See the part of your body that is holding that Trigger. Feel the pain, the block. See yourself grab it out and put it into a jar in front of you. Then blow the jar up, exploding into granules of Pure White Light.

Your every thought and every word chooses Realities stronger now than ever.  It is so important that we remain in choice, that we make sure we are actually choosing and not simply reacting as per past patterns and programs.

Yes we really do have a choice as to whether we are TRIGGERED.
When Triggers Come Up we can say I see you, I know you are there, that is not who I am now, that is not mine. And by simply choosing to state this you change the energy, you take away the power of the Trigger.


Triggers are messages from your body. If you are Triggered then there is a deep program, pain, belief that has triggered you. Instead of reacting, ignoring, hurting, getting depressed, self loathing; go into the root issue, go into the location of the pain or belief in your body. Face it, see it, talk to it.

I have found that often when I do this, the original belief makes no sense in this reality. Kind of like using an old rotary dial phone to work a modern day cell phone. It is simply an old program, old invention that is of no use now. I convince it and me that it does not make sense and it goes away.

The next time it comes up, it is way less of a trigger, less pain, less reaction and I do the same thing. Eventually it goes away.

We are in an intense time of clearing. It is wonderful. We must look at every single trigger that comes up. This could be a whole lot in a day. Look at them, assess them, remove connected patterns. I declare so that my own ears can hear, that I revoke any and all past contracts I may have agreed to in any way, in any lifetime since the beginning of time until now, regarding this belief, pattern, trigger.  I ask Spirit to assist me.

I am not saying that you have to do things that trigger you, or be around noises, people or things that Trigger you. I am saying, we must deal with the wound of the Trigger, in this we CHOOSE the reality, the timeline that we really want to live in.

Once the Trigger is meditated on and removed for that day, you may decide that you don’t want to be around that person, event, animal, noise or whatever Triggered you. And that is fine, that is of high vibration. You are then CHOOSING, Acting from a place of choice and not a place of Trigger.

When you are reacting from a place of True Self, it will be a feeling, an intuition, a nudge, a knowing in which has no story with it. You just know. Ego may try and convince you not to listen to this intuitive knowing by feeding you a story, excuses, programs, biases.  Llearn to Trust your True Self by first understanding what is your True Self and what is beliefs that are NOT Yours, Patterns, Old Paradigm contracts, thought addictions, and Programs.

*Reverend Crystal Cox

IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS TRUE. THEN IT IS TRUE FOR YOU. This belief creates your Reality and is the TIMELINE you are living on and heading toward. Pay attention to Your Beliefs and if they are Really YOURS. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Do you do things that others want you to do, even if you are protesting in your mind, your heart? Don’t do this. Trust the feeling in your own body. Your intuition, your body feeling; this is your guide to your true path, to your calling, and creates the life you really want.

You create timelines / realities by every single choice you make or don't make.
Do you do things that others want you to do, even if you are protesting in your mind, your heart? Don’t do this. Trust the feeling in your own body. Your intuition, your body feeling; this is your guide to your true path, to your calling, and creates the life you really want.

You create timelines / realities by every single choice you make or don't make.

Monday, May 22, 2017

the Mandela Effect

You are NOT a Victim of what many call “the Mandela Effect”. Don’t be afraid.

Some say that the Mandela Effect has made them question Everything. YES do that. Think about everything that crosses your mind, your habits, your path. This is about making a choice of who you are RIGHT NOW in this very now. This will assist you to rid yourself of old beliefs and patterns. Many go about their lives in old belief systems, patterns and addictions.

The Mandela Effect, which I prefer Timeline Shift, is really about you paying attention more to each and every choice as, in this you are creating the Timeline, the path, the Reality that you will be moving into and that is your Reality. This is Literal.

I use to think it was a state of mind, something intangible per say. When they say think positive and that thoughts create, and that you are creating your reality right now with your thoughts. I thought this was metaphorically and that positive thoughts would, yes, create a positive future, however I did not think it was a timeline shift, an actual shift to another reality by my thoughts, actions, words beliefs drawing me into that Timeline, that Reality.

Apparently we have always done this. This timeline shifting, now many call the Mandela Effect. After 2012, we had a major shift, a Death per say, and in that the timeline changes became more visible in the physical sense to more of us. With the shifts being more visible, we notice changes that many find disturbing. Take a breath, quite a few, indeed, and focus on what you want to be in your life. Don’t focus on brand names, celebrities, maps, the sky changes, or even your body changes. Simply move through as you have moved to this reality and it is Truly a Gift.

Let’s say you have been selected, or that you are simple AWAKE. If you remember both realities than REJOICE as you are awake. If you remember the old Reality, REJOICE. You are Awake. You are not a VICTIM of what many call the Mandela Effect. You are simply AWAKE.

Meditate. Lay still, ask Spirit to assist you. State what you want your life to be. Focus on what you really want. Don’t let the Mandela Effect chatter and misinformation scare you or keep you from actually making clear choices about the Reality you want.

Do you want FEAR? Than Fear the Mandela Effect. However, it is simply a timeline shift and because you are so amazing, so Awake, you actually KNOW and remember the reality you came from. YAY, Congratulations. Rejoice.

There really is nothing to FEAR. You are infinite. PRAY, talk to you Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, God, Goddess, Spirit. State your intention. Ask for HELP, for Clarity, and don’t be afraid. You are NOT a Victim of the Mandela Effect.

You are a HERO. A Lightworker.

You came here to Earth to be Awake and to Awaken.

Trust YOU.

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