Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Do you do things that others want you to do, even if you are protesting in your mind, your heart? Don’t do this. Trust the feeling in your own body. Your intuition, your body feeling; this is your guide to your true path, to your calling, and creates the life you really want.

You create timelines / realities by every single choice you make or don't make.
Do you do things that others want you to do, even if you are protesting in your mind, your heart? Don’t do this. Trust the feeling in your own body. Your intuition, your body feeling; this is your guide to your true path, to your calling, and creates the life you really want.

You create timelines / realities by every single choice you make or don't make.

Monday, May 22, 2017

the Mandela Effect

You are NOT a Victim of what many call “the Mandela Effect”. Don’t be afraid.

Some say that the Mandela Effect has made them question Everything. YES do that. Think about everything that crosses your mind, your habits, your path. This is about making a choice of who you are RIGHT NOW in this very now. This will assist you to rid yourself of old beliefs and patterns. Many go about their lives in old belief systems, patterns and addictions.

The Mandela Effect, which I prefer Timeline Shift, is really about you paying attention more to each and every choice as, in this you are creating the Timeline, the path, the Reality that you will be moving into and that is your Reality. This is Literal.

I use to think it was a state of mind, something intangible per say. When they say think positive and that thoughts create, and that you are creating your reality right now with your thoughts. I thought this was metaphorically and that positive thoughts would, yes, create a positive future, however I did not think it was a timeline shift, an actual shift to another reality by my thoughts, actions, words beliefs drawing me into that Timeline, that Reality.

Apparently we have always done this. This timeline shifting, now many call the Mandela Effect. After 2012, we had a major shift, a Death per say, and in that the timeline changes became more visible in the physical sense to more of us. With the shifts being more visible, we notice changes that many find disturbing. Take a breath, quite a few, indeed, and focus on what you want to be in your life. Don’t focus on brand names, celebrities, maps, the sky changes, or even your body changes. Simply move through as you have moved to this reality and it is Truly a Gift.

Let’s say you have been selected, or that you are simple AWAKE. If you remember both realities than REJOICE as you are awake. If you remember the old Reality, REJOICE. You are Awake. You are not a VICTIM of what many call the Mandela Effect. You are simply AWAKE.

Meditate. Lay still, ask Spirit to assist you. State what you want your life to be. Focus on what you really want. Don’t let the Mandela Effect chatter and misinformation scare you or keep you from actually making clear choices about the Reality you want.

Do you want FEAR? Than Fear the Mandela Effect. However, it is simply a timeline shift and because you are so amazing, so Awake, you actually KNOW and remember the reality you came from. YAY, Congratulations. Rejoice.

There really is nothing to FEAR. You are infinite. PRAY, talk to you Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, God, Goddess, Spirit. State your intention. Ask for HELP, for Clarity, and don’t be afraid. You are NOT a Victim of the Mandela Effect.

You are a HERO. A Lightworker.

You came here to Earth to be Awake and to Awaken.

Trust YOU.

The Mandela Effect / Facebook Page for more inf ormation

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Owning The Embodiment: Preparing for the Timeline Shift
 Mar 11, 2017
Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

As we enter the deeply transformative Gateway of the Equinox, we are presented with another collective trigger passage. It is vital that we unify as one HUman heart grid, one force of Source.

I AM confident most of you are aware of what this Gateway will create for HUmanity.

This is not a passage to flail in the distractions. It is a passage to fully claim ownership of your new template, to own your embodiment, your new expression, and stand in your the Divine right to become your Higher Self in form. This embodiment phase is key to the current frequency shift already underway.

Your core will need to be stable and aligned with your new template in order to receive the Solar codes and transmit them to Gaia, the old and new grid systems, and the HUman heart grid.

Embodiment feels transcendent, deeply peaceful and avatar-like, however we are transitioning in full view of HUmanity in order to Wayshow. Gravitational anomalies, linear time fluctuations, heightened mulitdimensional awareness and dissolvement of the veils are normal side-effects of a dimensional shift. However, what is occurring with the Wayshowers is unique to this planet, and we assist Gaia in revealing her Higher expression through our own lifestreams.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension as the higher frequencies intensify, and reveal the higher truths of Divine Love by example.

We call forth the Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers to assist in stability and amplification as the embodiment and revelation of the crystalline realm unfolds.

Gateways will be opening on March 13-15 to initiate the unfoldment. Gatework and Gridwork will be consistent for the next three weeks, with the continued Solar focus. Be creative and honor your new skills as they present; all will feel very different as this unfolds.

Unity NOW: Get on Board

We request your light and pure intent to strengthen this Divine passage. Join the Light Tribe during these three 30-minute windows on SUNday: 8:11am Pacific Time, 11:11 am PT, and 5:11pm PT or meditate anytime on SUNday to feel the effects and add your energy to this collective intention of service.

Connect with the HUman Heart Grid, Gaia’s crystalline core, the Crystalline Grid, the New Grid systems, Solaris (the SUN), Great Central Sun, and Source.

Meditate in stillness, focus on peace, Pure Source embodiment and the revelation of crystalline consciousness, or use the guided Christ Light Activation meditation for expansion (free on youtube or mp3 via the download link below). All methods and forms of meditation are welcome; the collective vibrational trigger and unified support is the goal.

Let us unite in peace with the intention to assist Unity/Christ Consciousness.

This is a very powerful passage for HUmanity. Please remember that as old systems break apart, your focus must stay on the higher experience, the highest outcomes.

We connect in this way not only for the acceleration of the Ascension, but to train us how to connect telepathically as ONE consciousness, offline, without the need for grounded technology. This activity is more powerful outside in nature at this time. Plant your crystals, open the grids and assist in welcoming forth the higher reality."


Energy Update: The Continuation of the Dimensional Shift

May 5, 2017 by Diane Canfield

Beloved Light Tribe,

The Dimensional Shift that I posted about in my last article which you can find here is still continuing. I advise reading my last article as well to understand what has fully taken place this last week. Many are still experiencing symptoms of the HUGE transformation that has just taken place.

Some of these symptoms are:

Extreme Tiredness
Bouts of Sadness

Bouts of Nausea
Bouts of Dizziness

Feelings of Bliss rotating in and out
Feeling as though not connected to Earth

All of these are happening because of the deletion of the dark timelines I talked about in my last article. As these timelines are deleted, we too will go through a transformation of deletion of the lower remnants of the dark timelines that remain within us.

I like to think of it as comparing it to ELEVATION sickness. As we move to higher frequencies we need to become acclimated  to these higher new levels of awareness. Even though this shift occurred by building through out the months of March and April, it was still a very HEAVY process to go through. We were slammed with Geo Storms for over 30 days out of those 2 months and each time we went through tremendous DNA upgrades which forms the Light Body.

This shift is bringing in HUGE insights into our authentic Selves which is what the Ascension process is all about. Many are being able to now get back in touch with the lost child that had so much promise but got lost along the way.

Many light workers had difficult childhoods and were not understood by their parents. They did not fit the mold their parents wanted them to fit into. This caused tremendous pressure and stress to conform from an early age.

They did not fit the mold because we were not here to be like everyone else and we knew this from a very young age.

This stress may have made them completely loose touch with their authentic selves. Yet NOW is the time with the help of the UNIVERSE and Creator to go back and find this hidden child that has been under layers of programming and conditioning. Now is the time for the awakening of all of the Creators children to shine their unique selves unto the world.

As we become the person we are meant to be… we also then have access to our life purpose and why we came to this realm.

We are becoming more free to become ourselves without restrictions as these old timeline layers drop off. These are the symptoms we are feeling, the old layers dropping off. 

As these old layers drop off we will be left with our new self which then has more connection to the Creator through the higher timelines. Through the connection to the Creator, manifestation becomes easier as I mentioned in my  last article.

Our life purpose is to be our UNIQUE self and become one with the Creator. By doing so we open the flood gates for others to do the same. We do not put restrictions on their unique way of seeing things for all is accepted and Loved. Our life purpose is to bring the SHIFT into fruition for all beings to enjoy. Our life purpose is to keep our vibration high, so all higher timelines can manifest.

The Ascension process through these DIMENSIONAL shifts brings our TRUE Self to the forefront and this takes work on the part of the Starseed to work through to find their authentic self. As we become our REAL self we ultimately merge with all others and form a cohesive Flower of Life that represents all of the unique aspects as a whole. This is how progress as made when we work along side others for the one goal of Ascension.

As new insights occur we must take the action needed to drop off the old layers that no longer work in these higher timelines. 

We are becoming more Galactic with every shift that takes place.

Many can now feel the reality of our Galactic Family close by. They have always been involved with us and are watching us closely during these shifts. It takes no more than to think of them and they will feel the Love we have for them and their help through this process. They are part of us and we are part of them. Through the shift we become more of them having more access to higher timelines of awareness which brings us even closer to THEM. "

"Resolving the Heavy Realities to Intentionally Shift to Higher (Lighter Density) Timelines 

By Lisa Brown, 05/04/2017

The every-moment-realizations of what were unconscious programs, where all still hold self-imposed limitations, where our focus and energy create realities for us to experience here….

Those taking their power back, letting go of the separation-of-time, victim mentalities, putting responsibility back on others instead of taking others unconsciousness on themselves, moving further into abundance and out of all of the lack, in-JOYing the peace and magic of NEW Earth Existences, shedding those heavy/weighing programmed realities quicker (if it’s not easy and in-flow, it’s very obvious where the hold-up is, where the resistance is, where all is unable to align).

Some things are meant to be worked through, to dissolve the energy present, where unification can occur, while other things are meant to be released because they are not meant to align “outside”, yet inside we resolve all back into Unity and allow all realities to play out in their own way.

We choose what we allow in our own field of consciousness to physically experience here.

We all used to hold onto realities, try to make them work… we could see the possibilities, the promise, what “could be”… IF….

In the old unconscious days, that little spark would keep us “hoping & trying” for one day…. this too being our own separation, for if it’s not already present, if it’s a struggle, if it’s a continual “trying process”, then there’s often way too much resistance (I’m not ready) energy still going on….

 As Souls we see the possibilities, see the purposes, see the higher dimensional timelines that “could be”. Yet where different dimensional timelines “cross”, the fully aligned realities may take awhile for each to resolve their own current programming before realities can fully align on a higher dimensional plane of existence here.

The cool part is that as we release all of these realities that don’t support what we know/see, that don’t support what we are here to do/be (as a Soul), then there’s no desire to continue it on forever and run the whole parallel timeline until it collapses/plays itself out. 

Prophetic/Holographic abilities show us in this moment how that timeline can play out. The dominant energy present dictates this…. and it’s easy to choose to “just let go” and call forth the next awesome realities that can align easily…. While continuing to honor each of our own paths that we are currently on right now. .

We let go of the inner struggle, the inner chaos, the inner resistance, the inner need to force or try to fit that square peg in that round hole…..

Peace & Freedom come when we stop fighting inside, when we transcend our own unconscious programs and unify all back into love again.

How fast this occurs will depend on how much current programming we are still holding in our own cellular memory banks and how important it is for us to fully align our own realities instead of waiting until they dissolve/collapse because ALL OF NEW EARTH energetic ingredients are not there…..

When we stop trying to make things work and start listening/seeing/honoring from within, when we truly open up for ease, then ease will enter in.

When honor and integrity to all’s highest vibrational everything on a Soul Level is our priority, then decisions are very different than they were when we lived in our little human realities…..

Soul aligned realities will always be from the super-expanded perspectives of the bigger picture and taking into account “all the little pictures” that play a part of the whole…..

All around us, in every moment are an abundance of opportunities, gifts and possibilities…. our little human only focuses on the small picture and shuts all of these other things out…. When we expand we can see all that is available and how our actions, decisions and focused energy dictates the reality we experience here. What we allow… that creates too…. and there is a, insurmountable amount of “not allowing that” anymore…..Anytime there is unconscious programming, then it’s up to each one of us to see it and choose “how: is most appropriate to deal. This is where each’s MASTERY comes in. For every nano-second will be different because there are so many timelines available simultaneously now.

Pay attention to your stories (about you and others)… These ARE your BELIEVED realities that you hold in place/call forth/anchor/create in the physical here.

Choose your timelines…. it’s just one of your amazing gifts and abilities here! I love you! ♥ "

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"Organic Timelines of Ascension and Unified Action
 May 6, 2017
Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our Light level took a jump this week as the May shift began. Gateway passages and unified Grid focus are consistent now, however unified focus during May 9 -11, and the very amplified passage of May 19-21 is requested. Creative energies return to us now, purified, renewed and ready to manifest the New. Use this Light, it aligns you with the Christed timelines.

Organic Timelines of Ascension

For clarity, here is a basic outline of Timeline dynamics for a planetary consciousness. While possibilities are infinite for an individual experience on a planet, we still work within the parameters of the Primary timelines for our creations and experiences here.

Those parameters change as the planet raises in vibration, un-veiling grander opportunities already set in place. Future aspects along the same timeline leave surprises and revelations for us to discover. Timelines reflect the same structure as our torus fields, nested within each other like the planetary torus fields, Solar system, Galaxy, and Universes. See the Torus Fields video for clarity.

Timelines can look like spirals or the loops of a torus field light strand. When I received the 2017 Gateways back in December, the timeline split appeared like DNA spirals splitting apart from each other. A fine representation of how our DNA enables our ability to experience multiple dimensions and timelines simultaneously.

Primary Timelines

Primary planetary timelines are interdimensional; they transverse past, present, and future dimensional bandwidths. The overarching intention of a planetary timeline – such as the return of Christ consciousness – may span millions of years in multiple densities. Even if the planet drops in vibration, the primary timelines remain as a possibility.

Primary Christed Ascension timelines are now amplifying, gaining strength due to Lightworker activities, Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, the Solar and Cosmic stargate openings, and benevolent Higher realm involvement in the Universal rewrite.

By living in the present and embodying the future self – the Higher Self, Christed Self, Galactic Self, etc. (depending on your Soul’s intention) – you resonate with a Primary timeline which traverses dimensions. These higher timelines gain strength as the photonic rays activate remembering of the Ascension process.

True HUman DNA is stimulated in prepared bodies. Structures within the planet, set in place by Starseeds of the past, are awakened by Starseeds of the Now (often the same beings utilizing the Divine HUman genome.) The higher reality is felt and witnessed by the High Vibe Tribe; those who witness and interact with the higher dimensions.

Primary Timelines offer a pure experience of Ascension, and the pure intent of its Creators. They are organic timelines which traverse time-space constructs (toroidal fields). They are also interconnected to the path of other planets and galaxies, such as with our Solar system, neighboring star systems, and Andromeda.

Secondary Timelines

Secondary timelines serve the creative aspect of the collective experience, presenting several possibilities for how the Primary timelines may play out. They operate on vibrational bandwidths, like the Primary timelines, however they are more abundant.

Photonic frequencies create organic Divine order, which makes the higher vibrational experience of Ascension more accessible during the Shift in consciousness. During these Ascension windows, we are able to raise our vibration and align ourselves with a Divine experience of Self and creation.

We create a vibrational match with a higher bandwidth version of Gaia (New Earth), and the higher trajectory of the future, or Primary timeline, by merging with our Higher Self through embodiment.

You may remember my experience of running into myself a few years ago. The possibility of Ascension, created in the future via the higher timeline which traverses multiple dimensions, allows the lower self to access a higher trajectory when engaging with the Ascension process.

We jump timelines, resonating with a higher experience, via the Gateway of the Heart center, Divine Service, consistent alignment and by clearing our lower timeline experiences (karmic closure).

We have multiple secondary timelines complimenting our transition to 5D. This merciful phase allowed the collective to awaken and choose Love, Peace and unity consciousness over the past five years. For those matching the vibration of the Primary timelines, you have been experiencing the dimensional bleed-through of the higher version of Gaia already.

That experience will overwhelm your lower reality as you release attachments of the old self template and embody the New Template of the Divine Self. Pay attention to the Gateways over the next few months, they hold grand opportunities for leveling up.

The major timeline split occurs between Primary and Secondary levels. When Gatekeepers recommend acceleration, it refers to vibrational acceleration. Speed, or vibrating faster, brings purification by utilizing Zero-Point dynamics. Acceleration brightens and lifts the collective experience to align with the higher future trajectory, which is less dense, less influenced by time dynamics. It feels fluid, like the pure liquid light sensation of the Christed experience.

Tertiary timelines

Tertiary timelines are the ones dropping away right now, since the massive influx of the Equinox passage took out all energetic support for synthetic timelines and lesser trajectories. Tertiary timelines are fueled by HUman fear, repeating the same behaviors, emotions and activities of the past (aided by looping programs and corrupted DNA sequences).

When we collectively awaken and actively choose a higher vibrational Primary timeline experience, Secondary timelines are shifted to compliment that collective reality, and tertiary timelines begin to dissolve.

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are able to remove these lower experiences, because we are unified with our Higher levels in acting in accordance with Cosmic Law and Divine Will.

Primary Timeline Engagement – Taking out the Old

Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in active Service to Source aim to eliminate all which interferes with the organic Ascension experience by September, with consistent focus during the Gateways of May, June, July and the powerful Gateway of the August Solar eclipse (more on that soon). This is a major year, Beloveds. Stay diligent.

The behind-the-scenes activity has been busy. You may have noticed lightship activity increase a few weeks ago. Several beings were escorted off planet; either to be relocated or delivered to realms where they can no longer interfere with the Ascension of this planetary consciousness.

Obviously we cannot remove all negative beings at this juncture, as some serve HUmanity’s self-empowerment journey.

We can remove the programs and Ascension interference, however. Remember things are not always as they seem, all is done with patience and Divine neutrality.

It is not our task to judge these beings or programs, rather we utilize the power of Source-in-Carnate to bind away all of that interference from this planetary consciousness, HUmanity, kingdoms and elementals. This is done to assist at the Secondary timeline level, where most Lightworkers are resonating, to provide an organic experience of the current Light level. It is an act of Divine Will and must be commanded with that vibration, with a pure heart.

Amplifying the Organic Timeline Experience

A man wrote last week that he participated in the Unity Meditations and really felt like part of the Light Tribe. Please note: Light Tribe and High-Vibe Tribe are terms I created a few years ago to identify the collective resonating with these messages. I create a light-encoded container to hold the pure intent of these transmissions, from my greeting of Blessings Beloved Light Tribe to my signature, In Love, Light and Service, Sandra. I encode them to preserve the Divine intent of my service, since these articles are picked up by other websites (I don’t submit content to anyone).

During my activation in 1999, the messages guided me to find my Tribe. In my Mastery, I learned to magnetize Soul groups and Star family. Now we unify all beings of integrity devoted to peace, love, harmony and the Ascension as the Light Tribe. All that is required is participation, and that is part of the Gatekeeper’s credo: Unify and empower all beings pursuing unconditional Love, Christ Consciousness and the Ascension.

Primary Organic Timelines can be amplified – given more light – through our words, thoughts and deeds. As the timeline split progresses, the waiting game loses its grip on Lightworkers.

We align ourselves with the New Earth/5D/Ascension timeline via a wireless unified transmission in the Unity meditations.

Spiritual power is built through consistent practice, and the Global Unity Meditations have created a field of strength, healing and empowerment which strengthens the Ascending Human heart grid each week. When you join this field of collective intent, you accelerate the Ascension. It is easy, feels wonderful, and is open to everyone.

Join us during these three 30-minute windows each SUNday: 8:11am Pacific Time, 11:11 am PT, and 5:11pm PT or meditate anytime on SUNday to feel the effects and add your energy to this collective intention of service.

Connect with the HUman Heart Grid, Gaia’s crystalline core, the Crystalline Grid, the New Grid systems, Solaris (the SUN), Great Central Sun, and Source. Meditate in stillness, focus on Pure Source embodiment and Global Peace, or use the guided Christ Light Activation meditation for expansion (free on youtube or mp3 via the download link below).

Christ Light Expansion

This activity is training us how to connect ORGANICALLY as ONE consciousness, without the need for grounded technology. This prepares us for larger global missions of Unified Service. Thousands are participating; please share with your groups, gatherings and friends of Light. The Higher Realms are able to thread higher frequencies through this activity, and the sensation is beautiful. Join Us!

In Love, Light and Service,

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