Sunday, December 31, 2017

So Odd to be in that "Group" that so many talk about having memories of things that actually did not happen. Thousands, probably more like millions of us have memories of a different reality, different set of events and they describe this as memories of things that did not happen. The thing is it did happen, for us, the individual. Our consciousness shifted to a different reality, timeline or say different Earth.  What you clearly know as you, and your Reality, is your Reality.

Many seem to attack you as they deem you as crazy, or ill or a bad memory. Something triggers in them, their fear shows as anger and they want, need you to be made out as crazy, this is their own insecurities and rigidity. One would think if "they" truly thought you ill, crazy, or having serious memory loss, you would think love and support would kick in to try and help you. Thing is so many are angry at you having a different memory, or having claimed to experience a different reality or be from somewhere else. It seriously frightens them, not them seeing it, but you, someone they actually know that they thought they have grown up with, or known for years experienced a "different reality", a different past. It brings into question all parts of themselves, all beliefs, all programs, what they feel they know about God, Self, Body, and the afterlife. ALL they knew is poof changed in an instant and to pretend that awakening did not just happen as such, they anger, and set out to discredit you, attack you for your Truth, what you know to be what you really experienced. They simply cannot let it be True.

Don't let this cause doubt in you, however. You know your Truth, they know their Truth. Another lesson in this is to surrender to other people having different versions of all things then you do, and don't need anyone to remember anything as you do. We all perceive, feel, experience events differently anyway, based on our subjective perspective, our beliefs, our programs, our Ego, other lifetimes, other timelines; all this leading to our Unique Perspective in everything. No one needs to agree with me for me to 100 percent know my Truth.

I may not share my Truth with all I see, or even anyone, but I know my Truth, I know what I experienced and can travel there at anytime. I also know that I am become a higher vibrating ME daily and this will change me frequency, my tuner per se and a I will perceive a new reality, changing more all the time as we accept and trust what we are experiencing and simply let go of all who doubt you, berate you, don't seem to "get you", don't believe you, think you are crazy and more low vibrations. In order to move to the timeline you want, you really must remove those people from your life, if you cannot find a clear, joyous, non-judgement, assumption free way forward, in FULL Truth.

This, now, in the physical, our body, the sky, brand names and so much more physically. So many of us experienced all our life in some way, be it seeing spirits, knowing things before they happen, knowing alternative truths regarding religion, the media narrative, politics, corporations, the environment and such. We lived in a world of clairvoyance in our minds eye and inner dialogue. Yet our friends, family, teachers, colleagues, and more called us conspiracy theorists, or crazy, or some other odd term to paint us as crazy, knowing things wrong, lying, buying into lies as we are so gullible. That traditionally happened/happens to people who are seers, who remember other lives, who are healers, who dress colorful, who believe in magic and so much more. They are the different ones. Now, with the Mandela Effect, we are seeing this in a physical manifestation, in our brands, movies, sky, maps, information regarding so many things, and in our very own body. And this is physical. And well still, here we are the outsider, the misfit, the conspiracy theorist. When actually, we are more the front runners, the scouts and guides, the way showers, and those who see "first" let's say, in order to set the energy and remove blocks so others can move through freely as well.

It is liberating as once you see the Mandela Effect, a physical Quantum Shift to another Timeline, you actually shift to a reality where things are literally and physically different. It is shocking at first, it is mesmerizing and awesome. Then the questions flood in by the droves, as you ponder what you feel, know and remember. Those around you change from your perspective. You consciousness shifts timelines and at the same time is merging versions of you "out there" into your one collective self.

In that one moment that you really experience what many call the Mandela Effect, it is so liberating, as you begin to ponder the magic that is you, how did I do that. What a ride, how do I do it again and this time to a reality where I have more fun and more money. You feel like you could manifest a building in a field, you can change books, movies, scripture, the sky, your own anatomy and more. That you have that power. You fill with the freedom of wow, that is possible and in a physical literally way. There is a joyous light feeling in thinking wow I did that.

So many are still in fear or victim hood of what this could be. However, the task becomes to continually remind yourself it is all about you. Where you FOCUS your attention, it Grows, Literally that Reality GROWS. Seriously STOP Focusing on that stuff unless you really do want more of it. You are so Magical. Practice Magic by Focus.

I remind myself of this daily. And it is only now and then I stumble across some Mandela Effect article that seems us and them. It may be a positive tone to the article, however, it still groups those like me, who see the M.E. , I call it a Timeline Shift, we are Outlanders per se. We are the "different" ones, simply because their "fact" machine in this timeline, says the "past" of that event, book, author, brand name, solar system, geography and more, states as fact, a different version of our life, a story, a novel, but not what we experienced. Yet here we are in their bodies with their VERY different anatomy. We are clearly experiencing supernatural, experiencing our true powers in a teeny tiny dose, we are experiencing time travel and consciousness shift. And NOW we KNOW that it is possible, so keep focused on what you know to be True for YOU, Regardless what anyone, anywhere says to you about anything at all AND regardless of what they think of you in any way.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox

The Mandela Effect & Alternate Universes

"The ‘Mandela Effect’ is a curious,  mysterious and fascinating phenomenon whose term was coined by Fiona Broome. It is the where masses of people clearly recall either a specific event in history or the  name or spelling of an item  as being a particular way, however all public historical records and other people contradict what you remember as being a fact.

It is like what all these people remember never actually happened, yet you are so sure that it did and you have clear memories of it. This leaves the people experiencing the anomalies as feeling completely perplexed, puzzled and even weirded out, like reality has changed.

What is interesting about this is that it is not just the odd person. In some cases it is thousands of people who share the same memory that contrasts current historical data or timelines.

There are literally people all over the world who are not related or connected to each other at all, that are collectively  recalling the exact same historical information – yet all written information whether in books , newspapers or online sources of information contradict this.  So it is not a sole, subjective experience – making it harder to disprove and debunk."

Source and Full Article

Friday, December 29, 2017

There is so much information out there now. When I first saw the Mandela Effect, Quantum Leap and began to understand the timelines, there was very little information out there in the reality I was in per say. Now there is so much on the Mandela Effect, on Timelines and Parallel Universes that I imagine those seeing it all for the first time are very much so overwhelmed. I don't follow the Mandela Effect anymore, I only study information on Timeline Shifts, and focus on learning how to shift to the best, happiest, most peaceful and abundant life I can. 

Looking at all the changes became redundant for me, I know myself well enough to know yes I moved realities, YES everything is different now and well freaking out is not the life I want, fear is not the life I want, so I accepted it and focused on studying how to do it and what is really happening, not based on Fear, or something making us a victim of something or someone else but focusing on what parts of it feel good such as wow we are getting and upgrade, and wow I am able to see this whole new higher vibrating reality, ya bummer if you let it be that all your friends and family can't go where you are or can go but none the less WOW at how profound this is, even if there is no one in my world in person who gets it and even if no one else believes, it is about you knowing the TRUTH that is true for you individually and personally.

Only watch or study what feels fun, informative or joyous. if the information you read on the Mandela Effect brings fear, find different information, and also listen within and Trust you above all others in every way.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

For me the whole moving timelines is an old hat. Yet there are others who have seen it in their physical reality for over a decade. Perhaps we have all seen it throughout our life in small ways and now it’s simply much grander. I do know that we are in a better world, a higher vibrating timeline that is clear. As we see Pedophilia and Molestations called out. We see corruption crumbling from the top down and many more clear, without a doubt signs that the Dark has been defeated and that the reality we are in is a much less dense reality and freedom, complete freedom from the dark is within site.

Then there are others who are new to the Mandela Effect and in that stage of discovery and perhaps fear or anger. When I first noticed I had shifted realities, there was not a lot of videos out there. I remember jumping on each one for the Mandela Effect at first and then on Parallel Realities, Quantum Jumping, Changing Timelines and then it all faded back into life as they say. And walking among those who have not seen it, yet changed forever because I have. My life has been that way all along anyway, always seeing something and feeling something different than the humans around me.

I know it has happened to me, I have no doubt that it has or what is actually going on and I have great faith in that. However, it tends to make my daily life feel a bit humdrum, or even radically on the other side of the scale and such pure magic that this version to is to out there for not just most of them but most all of them. I have never been one who needed approval of others. When I know something is happening as seen with my eyes for me personally, or seen psychically or I just know, well then I do. However, knowing that I moved to another world seemingly just like that, yet knowing it was thousands of years in the making, well it changes things. It makes me feel no permanence at all, and I was never one to be attached to the material world anyway. So after the Mandela Effect knowledge was clear well there is nothing more important than understanding how I changed timelines and to do it at will to a timeline of no pain, no money system, no oppression and complete actual freedom. So I have been studying that since then, and not like before, but with the mind that, Hey I can move to another physical world in an instant.

Before this I had already detached from my home, belongings, and all that held my life in some sort of particular belief, social standing, the whole whatia do for a living nonsense and well after that I detached even more, understanding that there is no physical. While at the same time feeling body pain, needing to manifest abundance for food, warmth and clothes.

The conundrum is obvious and the Faith in waiting for the tide to change as old timelines, realities and stories collapse, well that is the intermittent challenge. As I await, yet participate in a newer, higher vibrating timelines immerge. Having this faith yet at the same time wishing it to hurry up as my human body suffers. Then I head back into thought and healing and creating a higher vibrating thought pattern as I hold still unattached from all realities and awaiting the emergence of the Reality that is the highest possibility, probability for me personal, whoever I am in the grand scheme of universal things.

~Reverend Crystal Cox
After traveling to this dimension it became a bit of woe is me now what? I know I have moved realities, timeline and I understand what is happening with timelines collapsing and our ascension. However, it is still not “my world” per say. Thinking my way out of one version of life and into another is not that easy. Convincing my inner beliefs to be different so my reality moves is a process indeed. Saying the words are words, however we must change our belief system, that is so ingrained our our patterning. That takes the tides of TIME. Yet knowing in our heart of hearts that Time does not Exist.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Increasing Efforts To Exit Timeline #33 And Enter #42: The timelines are moving and shifting. David Topi provides us with an update, as well as guidance on how to shift to a higher vibrational timeline.

"We continue to give guidance on the movements of the timelines because these few weeks are so critical that everything can loosen and fall away, while there is a little tuning with timeline # 42.

Although seen from a human point of view, the fact that we have a few months before they finish separating. After that it will be very difficult to move from one timeline to another.  From the point of view of those who assist us we are in a flashing start seeing a greater separation than other realities where we exist.

As we have said in previous articles, there is a physical separation at the moment, where some go one way living out new experiences, that at some point will lead to a different kind of reality, and others will remain with experiences that lead them to a much more complex and overall negative complicated reality.

It becomes difficult to write this, because even when you explain it, such as in the several articles over these past few weeks, thousand of doubts, fears and difficult questions come up. What happens when there is no more energy footbridges crossing between the lines?

We know that during the coming months there will still be enough bridges, it’s easy to change lanes, but then there are fewer and fewer possibilities because the roads increasingly separate us more and more. And we know that perhaps in a few years, there will be a single crossing point between the two time lines.

 Increasing efforts to exit the timeline # 33

(If you would like to do a translated version of this for, let me know — Laron)
So rather than ramble and create agitation around events that have not yet reached us in our linear time, we will continue putting effort to do what we can do right now, which is to help move as many people who are ready to the timeline that will facilitate evolutionary processes and progress mankind. This is important to do without delay.

Generic Requests

As we talked about in the previous article on one of the most important anchors we all have, which is the fear of leaving behind others associated with the fear of being left alone, and we explained how to deprogram. We will include now also a generic request to our Higher Self, to phase out other anchors, hooks and connections that tie us to line # 33 and prevent us attune with # 42.

The information I get is very generic, it’s like taking a little that is superficial in the first instance, to provide instructions, or an affirmation, that can be used to enter in details for internal programming. So, one way to start letting go some of the things is a conscious higher self request:

Eliminate everything that prevents me from anchoring and tuning in 100% to timeline # 42, and what keeps me connected and tuned into timeline # 33.

From using this type of request continuously, we may get a feeling and notice the effects it has on us. This should lighten part of what resonates in our energy and multidimensional system and what prevents us to connect with each other. When I say continuously, I continuously mean, for months, at least until you have 100% certainty that 100% of your entire multidimensional structure is already in the water (# 42), and no part of you in the oil ( # 33).

Movements “other side”

Why this tone of “hurry” that imbues the energy of this discussion? Because those who control the planet are doing everything possible to prevent peoples shift to line 42, because they can not reach it in any way, hence the efforts to keep the maximum number of people on timeline 33, which is based on their control over the populace ( races in control and “elites” in power — Spanish pdf). Our actions help like a counteroffensive.

They do not know how it can end, but try to stop us anyway. Those who make the effort can help to keep the shield, protection and bridges between the lines, and reduce the intentions of the control system, but you still have to move by yourself with the help and assistance of ourselves in terms of our being or higher self — so we should think about moving on.

The following paragraph is extracted from a data packet received from those who are part of the “coalition” pro humanity, last Saturday night.

“We asked him what that would destroy [the races in control] which serve as a resource, such as nutrition, as an operational base. He says they already have other nurseries in the universe. We asked if it bothers them, and says that we are only food (thought form fear/negative energy — Laron) from the beginning.

Says the food is contaminated, food is toxic even for them. I answer that some breeds thrive on negative energy. The response is that these races are negative energy junkies, too much negative energy is also bad for them, but do not care.”

Although I have not included the whole conversation, what they want is for us to come, (those who view us from the outside). It’s reached a time when there’s so much negative energy, but which also hurts them, even the races that created us. They are seeking a solution to get rid of this “toxic nursery”, while trying not to lose any human being to any level that can no longer be reached by thtem, frequency speaking.

It’s too, they told us, too toxic and harmful — the “etheric” accumulation around the planet, even for them, all that has accumulated on Earth that is like that because they feed on negative energy, but which makes them lose strength and vitality from doing it.

Like eating every day at McDonald’s and getting addicted to it by the additives, knowing that it’s making you sick and unhealthy, so something is happening to them.

On the other hand, as we can not allow the earth to be a polluter for the rest of the solar system and the Alcyone to which we belong, no one can take this energy from here, and therefore all accumulates on Earth , everything stays on Earth, everything is stored on Earth, including the concentration of brutal and dirty black energy around the planet right now.

This is because our entire solar system is part of a larger set which is ruled by the star or central sun Pleiades constellation we also call Alcyone.

Everything runs in cycles, and everything works within hierarchies. The system to which we belong has ties, connections and is located in one of the bands of the structure of another major star this subset.

As an analogy, again, you can visualize it as an atom where one of the electrons changes its charge, destabilizes, constantly raises and lowers its energy, affects the other atoms in its orbit and sometimes slows down to the speed it needs.

This causes changes not visible to us, but if for the rest of the set, they must constantly adjust the parameters of the shields, energy fields, lines of force, etc. In all the major solar subset to which we belong, not to mention the rest of the planetary spheres of the same systems which are also partially influenced.

Although those in control of these planetary spheres already take the necessary precautions so that the life system on Earth does not greatly affect their own evolutionary processes, it is inevitable that the swings to which we are subjected will affect them.

Well, seeing this scenario and seeing the movements of both sides, we are in the middle and have no choice but to act — it depends on us — it is still the individuals work to leave the loop of the 33, which is the “nursery” of energy that is getting worse.

While they try to stop us from disconnecting from this line, this should not prevent us from trying to achieve it, while we wait for the movements that both sides carry out, some to assist in the process, others to neutralize it."


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The feeling in your physical body is your Divine Compass of Truth.  Notice your body's reaction, pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally. This is how you tell the Truth from a Lie (for you), what is of the highest and best for YOU personally in any given choice or situation.

You know the TRUTH for you. No master, no healer, no teacher knows your Truth for you. Only YOU know that. However, learning to listen and TRUST YOU is something I have had to actually pay attention to and practice daily.

How you choose to respond to a circumstance, creates your reality, your timeline.

There will be many voices in your head. Also known as Egos. They will pitch different versions, choices, benefits and scenarios to you for every given choice or situation. Listen, don’t listen. However, DO PAY attention to how your body feels about the choice or the ‘’PITCH’’ your EGO or Ego personalities are giving you.

If you Truly listen to your body and do NOTHING out of guilt, obligation, what you think other people want, will like or approve of, then you will be attracting on the Timeline you really want to be your ‘’Reality’’, your Life.
*Reverend Crystal Cox

The planet, Mother Earth, has moved into a higher frequency future. 3D timelines have collapsed. You will never be in 3D again. This has Shifted the entire planet Consciousness into a future version on a positive Ascension Timeline. This skips entire planetary Consciousness field repair and quantum leaps human consciousness into a future timeline with much higher frequency.

We are currently in a planetary event that is affecting all on this Earth and Beyond the end of 2017 shifting into the higher frequency. Have Faith and let it pass through.

Monday, September 25, 2017

We Live in Multiple Timelines ALL at the Same Time. What timeline or experience we have, based on the potential that is there, is all about our thoughts. Our thoughts create the timelines in which we move into, live in, exist in.


"For quite a while now many have been questioned by their entourage (lightworkers alike) as to why just a selected few are sensing, living the ascension process – affected by these frequent energy downloads taking into consideration that we are all exposed to these waves (under the same roof so to speak); and on the premise that we all perceive these emissions from the same Cosmos.

The simple reason is that those that have chosen to work for the Light (bring in Light) resonate more closely with the frequencies of the higher dimensions. It is a slow and often painful journey through lifetimes of experiences necessary for a soul to finally awaken from the pending illusion into that enlightened state of awareness – consciousness.

The moment a soul volunteers to be a light bearer/light worker/way shower, etc – re the ascension project, the moment proceeding the famous `clarion call`, some parameters/lines in their operating system aka DNA are modified. This exercise is carried out at the moment of their conception by the team of guides & Co – orientation team and by diversity under the supervision of Athena`s department (soul contract, mission, karma …).

All those that are involved in the ascension project depending on their specific assignments as well as their positions on the `Jacob`s ladder` (light quotient) have been receiving varying doses of cyclic downloads of light energies necessary for: the shift, carbon to crystal conversion, cleansing, transmutation,… The passage of these energies through the LBP (light body process) has been responsible for the proverbial ascension symptoms (unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which are the effect of greater spiritual light/energy downloads in the body). However, despite the above mentioned upheavals, once the process of transmuting their form has begun, it is difficult, and even dangerous, to try to stop it; fortunately their expanded perceptions resulting from the harmonizing role of the unified chakra act as a protective/safety mechanism.

Looking at it from a technical perspective, our etheric network operates in a similar manner to that of a simple radio receiver capable of discriminating application signals at its input. Ascensionees radios aka receivers are equipped with decoders allowing them to demodulate and exploit authorized signals/frequencies due to an incorporated algorithm (this process is similar to the encrypting patch used by secret services in their communication equipment all over the globe to restrict service/info to specific parties). It is for this kind of Squelching – the difference in the programming of the DNA that stops the masses from benefiting from the effect of these energies through a pre-birth agreement.

Source [Cosmos – Alcyone/Sun/Galactic Alignments…] → Waves [Frequencies] → Antenna [Hair*] → Etheric Network [Chakras – Decoder/Squelch] → Ground → Source. And the circuit is complete/closed (all energy circuits must be closed for current to flow).

Those that have not yet taken the first step (slumbers/laggards/fence straddlers/…) – not yet demodulating these energies, will do so in divine timing for everyone is moving towards reconnection/home and the difference is just a matter of degrees. And all we have to do at this point in time is send them our blessings for our reunion is timeless in the infinite continuum.

Some harmonics in closing to fine-tune our radio receivers: Life unfolds endlessly in divine order, timing, will and for our highest good; those that can handle both sides of the equation (duality) and keep their peace have been called Masters – observing without interference. The greatest challenges facing humankind today is the mastery of the altered ego. The ego is highly creative and manifests itself in all shades/colors hence capable of disguising/camouflaging within itself – a drama within a drama. Success in this endeavor will thin out the veil → Love, Surrender, Gratitude, +++ will help manifest the big picture."


"A timeline split is where two timelines are experienced as if they are one" Channeled by Linda Lovett

"A timeline split is where two timelines are experienced as if they are one, one timeline splits into two and run parallel, they stay partially connected, so there are different memories or vibrations between people, we are experiencing 5D at the same time as others are experiencing 3D, we have memories of mainstream media/entertainment from a different timeline, we have carried them with us where as usually there is a natural amnesia.

We have always shifted timelines as we change our perception, though, we would not of been aware of this, now we are taking TIMELINE SHIFTS that have a bigger gap between them and are also carrying residue from the one we came from in that we are at a higher frequency than those around us.

Nodes are the places along a timeline that we make shifts from, There are infinite nodes, though, some are bigger, as in they transport us through our frequency/awareness to a much higher vibration timeline. They are a point of transition and can be a clearing or raising frequency point...

A timeline collapse is when the majority BELIEFS are changed dramatically and the previous timeline can not exist anymore, this can happen in the collective or individual consciousness...

Timelines merging are the individual person primarily experiencing their own timeline whilst in a collective timeline that may be of a lower consciousness and their individual consciousness allows that frequency to be experienced by more of the lower frequency collective individuals' consciousness bringing two timelines together.

Though it looks like the collective has more power or can slow changes down this is not possible as the universal law states ALL ARE ONE  therefore, ONE IS ALL.. we as individuals have the power over the collective though we have been programmed to believe otherwise."

 ~ Channeled by Linda Lovett

The Time Has Arrived! Finally, Our Realities Are Splitting

"This is the most important article I have ever written, and although the beginning portion of it is of a personal experience, you will see the importance it leads to. We have the power within us to take back our world, and remove all negativity from it. We are one with Gaia (Earth), and are literally part of each other, so any so called “natural disasters” can be affected and directed by our thoughts.

The “Space” In Between “Spaces”

We have been told for some time now that the New Earth is coming, yet we have all asked “well then where is it”? It has been in front of us the whole time, just existing on another plane (dimension). For many years as I have raised my vibrations, I have been able to see the “space” in between “spaces”. Meaning where others see only air, I see a ton of activity; beings mingling, ships, etc.

Many people may have noticed that things are beginning to disappear. I’m not talking about their friends/family, jobs or situations, I’m discussing little items here…like a cup, crystal, shirt, bar of soap, etc.

Small Items Disappearing Mysteriously

I have been perplexed as to why this has been happening, and have asked my Divine Twin before, where is it all going? The definition of a Divine Twin is on my site Yet as I have learned in the past; I do not ask many questions, as this affects your vibration because the answers may not line up with our beliefs (which were all lies anyway). Causing our vibration to lower, or not to rise at all. Well she would tell me, “now is not the time, so don’t ask Fred”.

Yet as always, and another thing I have noticed is this; when the timing is right, the answers do come. We need to take and absorb things in stages. Well I have just found out where they are going, because just last night as I took my sweatshirt off to wash some dishes I said to her “don’t take this one”.

I said that because just last week one mysteriously disappeared from the house, never to be seen again. Well just then, she says to me “I’m not taking them Fred, your reality is changing now, and they are just in another dimension”.

Noticing Things That Were Not There Previously

It was then, everything that has been happening the last few weeks began to make sense. I walk the same areas daily, and for hours on end (I have been doing this for many years). Yet now I am noticing flowers or bushes that were not there the day before, and sometimes even in the same day on the return trip!

Sidewalks that were crumbling, were suddenly new, yet not recently fixed. I also noticed that the congestion was lower, as well as the noise. I have loud cars and many motorcycles in my area. Yet I suddenly realized that there were less people on the road, and rather than the louds cars, etc., I was hearing birds.

I then remembered an incident that happened a few weeks back, and again things were coming to light. I was out walking, when suddenly I could not stop myself from walking sideways. It was as if the Earth itself was tilting. So I asked Lucina (my Divine Twin), what is happening? She told me, your reality is shifting Fred, and soon you will begin to notice many differences.

Being In Two Places At Once

Flash forward a week or two later; I was at a family gathering, when towards the end of it, everyone began to mention how they saw police all day long. The reason is because no open bottles are allowed in a public park, and they were patrolling it…checking. Yet I saw none (not one), and said what police?

Just then the person sitting next to me started swiping at bugs, saying they were being bitten all day. Others around the table said the same thing. Yet not me though. Just then I felt as if something was biting my leg, and that in itself was unusual, because it has been years since I have been bitten. All conscious beings, insects included, know and can feel your vibrations as they rise into a love one. Insects only bite humans to wake them up!

I looked down and nothing was there. Again I asked my Divine Twin, what was happening. She said Fred, you are being shown you are in two worlds at once now. You are here experiencing this time with your family, yet still in the other world. No police, and no bugs biting.

We Create Our Own Experiences (Good or Bad)

There is a point to explaining all of this, and it is this. We need to take back our world now people, and we have heard for a long time that we create our own experience, yet I don’t think we ever quite grasped the seriousness of it.

Case in point, I just found out that the “Hurricane” in Texas, was devastating. Yet what I have experienced in the “other” world, was that it was downgraded to a tropical storm, and one that did little damage.

I also was under the impression, because I have been spending so much time there, that N. Korea who has been threatening the world all these years, backed down. The crazy man there now and before that his father, backed off with his tail between his legs. His bluff was called, and he ran like the coward he has always been.

Now I find out, that he sent missiles over Japan, and exploded another nuclear weapon, and now he is in a standoff with the USA.

Then when I thought about writing this article, just the attention I put on it was enough to push me back here into this reality only.

“Not In My World”

Planes that I haven’t seen for years, suddenly were back in the sky. That is very significant, as I am surrounded by 3 major airports. So since they are not high up and are on approach, they are very low. So the noise they make is always there too. Listen to a ballgame from Yankee Stadium or Citifield, as you’ll see what I mean. Plus I was hearing all the sound from cars, motorcycles, sirens etc., again.
It was when I started to think more and more about writing this, it was then that I realized I haven’t seen or heard them for a long time. I only see a beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds now. I do see the small planes at times, because there are also local airports for them, yet never the jumbo jets.

It was then I realized the importance of focus, and honestly began to “Freak” out, because I love my peaceful world and wanted to go back, and suddenly I was thrown back into the chaotic one. So I asked my Divine Twin, what can I do?

She said Fred, it is not that your vibration has lowered (to that I thought, thank goodness), it is your focus that has changed. Just change that and they will go away. Well I did just that, and by not thinking about them or looking up to see if they were there, it got quiet again. Plus I was constantly repeating in my head “not in my world”.

My skies are now clear of the big planes, I even watched them disappear before my eyes. At first the noise was there although no plane, and now they are totally gone, noise and all. Yet because of the attention that the global collective is putting on N. Korea, and Texas, those have not.

The Reason We Are Here

So the key to seeing that New Earth, is focus. I’m not saying to be uncaring or not be compassionate to what is happening in Texas, and other parts of the world, yet don’t put your attention on it. Send it love and healing energy to those situations, and move on. Just say to yourself or others who try to pull you into their experience “Not in my world”. Then watch them disappear, maybe not right away, yet over time. Just say NO, not in my world!

The most important thing we can do, and the reason we are here, is to shine our individual light, on all…regardless of what we see. It is then the changes will not only happen for us, although for others as well. The timelines are splitting now, and soon the old 3d Earth, will spin off on its own, and the people who live in fear will continue to experience just that.

Then there will be the 5d one, this is the one I have seen for a long time (the empty space), and the one I am experiencing now. That is the Earth you want to be on. There is a short 8 minute video on my new site called “the Volunteers” that explains this well (info in the bio below). In addition I want to offer a gift for all here, and it is a simple daily checklist for raising your vibrations.

A Gift For Raising Your Vibrations

I have so much more I could say, yet better than that is getting you to experience it for yourself. It is then you will see the importance of raising your vibration and the simplicity of its attainment.
There isn’t anything for us to do. All we need to do is raise our vibrations and shine the light we all are. It is that simple! Click Here for the checklist.

Much love and light,

PS: Do not point out the changes as you experience them, as others will not see them and pull you out just by their negativity…so your vision will be blocked. Allow them to manifest and enjoy your world, soon enough they will be there too. Concentrate on shining your light. Think of the whole of humanity now, we are no longer in a duality society, where the individual was the focus. We are one species. "

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Earths & Our Ascension from 3D to 5D causing 4D Mandela Effect

Is Your Avatar Self Merging With You?

"The shift that you are making is very critical and a part of that shift is to embody higher consciousness. To reach to the ultimate stage, you need to learn to respond and function in a more loving manner as you face daily life."

Sunday, September 17, 2017

"You are sending your focus to circumstances or situations that are not actually in your reality, you can't see them with your eyes or touch them in your physical world, though you talk of them as if they are, and you judge them as harsh or to be resisted or fought against, which is the only thing that keeps them in your energy field."


"Dear Linda,

I learned of the Mandela Effect in May of 2016. I have been on a Spiritual Path my whole life, another words aware of an inner knowing and a higher power. I have been connected to Nature my whole life, in tune with my body, and connected to spirit as I know it. Currently I believe that the Mandela Effect is Timelines Collapsing and other Timelines Merging.

I believe that we are in 4D and clearing old stuff so we can ascend to 5D.

I crave to be liberated from a reality of war, politics, taxes, debt, forced jobs, oppression and control over medicine and food, toxic air and water.

People live in the streets, they crave shelter, food, warmth, love. I know another way is right there in a seconds thought. If I can change enough in energy and thought I can be in that world. However, I cannot see what stops me. I understand that mass consciousness has to move together on those things, still I ache for change. A change I have believed in and known was coming for nearing 50 years now. However, I lay waiting for it and at times Grief overtakes me.

I know to find my bliss, my joy, however struggle with that as I am homeless, penniless and basic survival is a daily quest, along with that a deep frustration perhaps fear.

I crave a world where I am free to grow plants and use them as I please, where I have complete say over my own body, day, life, a world of no war politics or jobs, a world where we have free energy and no one to tell us what we are allowed to do. A world with no military or cops, a world without homelessness, forced medicine, deliberate toxins, and limits.

I know that I hold the old system in place by believing it exists. I find the moments where I fantasize it the way I want and hold that vision, then my body aches, needing housing and food calls out, and so many things of “this world” wherever I am keep at me.

I want to Believe, I do believe that place exists. I am challenged as to how to move to that dimension, that Timeline RIGHT NOW.

I know to live my bliss,thing is Linda, I can’t as I am blocked to even have food money and a home, and yes I have my thoughts and don’t get me wrong, I think of wonderful things all the time, I travel to joyous places in my mind, my thoughts and my dreams. I know I have the Power to move to a timeline where I have food and shelter, and to a more outwardly fun. However, whatever I am doing I am blocking it, can you help me understand

I know we are moving from Linear Time to No-Time and that we, as lightworkers are getting upgrades, and integrating so much. Still I feel there must be something I am missing to be stuck in such poverty.

I know I chose to come here and help Mother Earth and her people. I feel there has been great change. However, I am unhappy, and I know that is a state of mind I can change. However, I am so tired, so weak, so frustrated that I am stuck in a version of life I don’t want. I know I chose this and my thoughts create it, I feel Kidnapped by myself, by my oversoul wanting to experience Contrast and physical form, and I feel angry at my oversoul for choosing this place where there is so much of what I don’t want, yet know I create and chose. Not sure If I am making any sense. However, any words of wisdom you have would be greatly appreciated.

Love Frustrated Starseed"


"Dear Frustrated Starseed,

There is much of your energy connected to that which you do not want. Therefore, your energy is pushed out of you but feels like it is being pulled as you are deeply connecting to frequencies that are dense and very sticky.

You are sending your focus to circumstances or situations that are not actually in your reality, you can't see them with your eyes or touch them in your physical world, though you talk of them as if they are, and you judge them as harsh or to be resisted or fought against, which is the only thing that keeps them in your energy field.

There is a strong connection in your mind/body to these realities that you judge as if they are really impacting on your life, it really is 99% a mind trick. Your mind creates beliefs and works hard to hold onto them as if its very existence depends on this, well in a way it does.

The energetic difference between a belief and a knowing is very wide. A belief holds us in a contracted space of proving to ourselves and others, it is a head/ego space idea. A knowing expands us with no need to hold onto it, it just is, it is a heart space feeling which is integrates into our very being.

If we hold onto our beliefs we hinder our own expansion, so to let go of all we think we are or think we have achieved is a major release of a very dense connection to lower frequencies, there are no beliefs in 5D and above, duality is recognized and shed, judgment is a faint memory, cynicism of self or others is not a 5D companion nor does it sit well in our energy field in 4D, it can create much density in the body around the throat and head and also in the stomach.

Bliss is our natural state of being as is joy, they are always part of us, though, if our connection to our higher self is compromised in any way they will seem out of reach or need to be sought after. Self judgment and a focus on that which appears outside of us that we do not prefer will keep the connection to higher self weak, especially when in circumstances where there appears to be definite reasons as to why one should be unhappy or judgmental.

We really do give our power away if we believe that others are making us feel a certain way, it is actually impossible for someone to make us feel anything, we are always the decider, and for some there is much pay off in the opposite belief, we then do not have to take self responsibility and can feel self righteous in our condemnation of them, which in turn is mirroring our deep internal core beliefs about ourselves and cementing in place our victim circumstances so that we prove to ourselves that we have no say or power...

The world that is craved is the world you actually live in, hence the deep peaceful feeling and relaxation of your body when you hold it as your primary thought. The other world you talk of in a contracted way is simply based on your strongest lower mind thought patterns, it is not even around you, it can't actually be seen or touched, it is a mind trick that you have been strongly connected to through programming and the ego's will to survive and it keeps creating friction so that you do not let go of it. It is of course not separate from you but appears that way.

There is a strong connection to past memories as if there is some achievement or a sense of identity that needs to be held onto, this weighs you down and holds onto patterns of thoughts and behavior that do not serve your expansion.

All that feels hard or depressing is just an attachment to a false identity and a disconnect from your higher self.

The feeling of not wanting to be here or the want to go home is not really about this planet it is your yearning to be connected to your higher self again, that is your only home as it will always be. It is another mind trick to blame our bodies and the world on our discord or feeling of separation from our true home. Our lower mind will keep trying to blame and opt out but this just keeps the connection to higher self and source feel more distant.

The lower mind is the kidnapper and feeds all sorts of contractive thoughts and ideas  to keep the connection to higher mind weaker.

There is actually nothing that you do not want, they are all beliefs in your lower mind, hence, the contracted feeling around them, your mind has you convinced of their reality and plays with you as it slips in and out of 4D and 3D and you judge yourself harshly for what you perceive to be true and this makes it difficult to change your perceptions as the lower mind is always producing proof in the form of circumstance.

Your fear of success is huge and you have thwarted it all through your life, as there has been an addiction to failure or the fear of it, same thing in energy sense.

You chose a path of resistance and rebellion which cemented dense realities into your timeline, these can be let go of if there is no identity with what you believe you have achieved for yourself or others, it is very important to drop identity in the 3D sense, to know and accept that nothing can be achieved through resistance. There really is nothing outside of you, so all you fight is yourself in different energetic forms.

The journey is full of paradoxes and dichotomy, as we move from plateau to plateau is is essential to drop what was our identity or beliefs, they don't create expansion and will hinder our journey. To know who you are is never the same, it changes, and is never based on a thought process.

Frustration is a result of lower mind wanting to stay the same and keep the discord alive with false beliefs, while it knows that it is an illusion in itself, but does this to block intuition and the connection to higher self, which kills off the lower mind......

So what appears as your reality is the fantasy, and what looks like fantasy is the real world......

i really hope this helps "

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Easing Fears of the Mandela Effect; a Deeper, Calm Understanding and Accept

"As everything we see, hear or feel is through our minds or consciousness it is up to us to decide how this makes us feel or react.

We are awakening to the fact that nothing was ever how it seemed or how we had been programmed to believe, we were in many ways a product of a controlling system as well as being the system, we took information as being real from parents, school, media etc. and did not question or could not find answers that were validated by a false science.

We are in control, we just have to remember this and learn to focus our thoughts and intentions towards what we prefer and not feed into a system that only exists if we BELIEVE it does, this is regardless of what is appearing outside of us, this is not true evidence just the residue of the collective consciousness and our own individual consciousness.

All the things you mention above are not separate from us we or our source consciousness came first, they all rely on our fear of them, this is the energy they feed off to be able remain in our view.

There is nothing to fear in the organic reality only in the false matrix of our minds....."

~ Linda Lovett, Consciousness Coach

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Third Wave & Timeline Shift: Additional Information ~ Sandra Walter ~ 19 August 2016

Blessings beloveds ~ Zarah Zyankali asked for clarification on wether the Tribe can handle an acceleration. This is the question we all must tap in to - it is not a hasty decision, and it requires integrity because you will be called into service if you have needed skills. 

I will write more on *Acceleration = Responsibility* next week. There is a lot to do before I depart from Mount Shasta on September 2; here is a brief response:
This decision is not an intention to override the collective's highest good, it is choosing maximum acceleration in the highest interests of all concerned. Many may say *I choose*, then not demonstrate that in their activities (which is making a slower timeline choice). This is an opportunity for Lightworkers to drop the complaints about the difficulties we are presented with, the old belief systems, and move forward through the heart.

It also means clemency for many beings, which means MUCH forgiveness on our part. It requires more transparency from the Light Tribe (to create transparency for all), creative action to reveal the higher truth of Ascension (rather than waiting for an event), open sharing of spiritual disclosure (rather than hiding, veiling your own truth), and preparation to receive a new wave of awakened ones with clarity and non-judgment (out of the cave, into action).

Each primary timeline has many secondary and tertiary outcomes - this is one of those junctures where great acceleration is possible, and I feel it is probable. The wave arrives regardless of our choice; it is the power of the impact, and our ability to call forth its strongest aspects which we decide in the next 2 weeks.
The stronger light will enter, regardless of our choice. It's what we create with it - our collective realty - which gets affected by timeline manifestation.

The stronger frequencies/codes will accelerate those prepared to experience it, while the collective timeline of awakening, revelation, disclosure, etc. can be sped up in the highest interests of all concerned. Individual choice of experience can override what is available; this timeline choice is aimed at transparency and further expansion of consciousness.

More rapid spiritual awakenings, more support available for conscious HUmans. We are not looking for folks to get spun out, rather they become empowered and begin to create realities in alignment with higher, peaceful, heart-based outcomes.
I will write about *Acceleration = Responsibility* next week. I need to be offline for a bit to work with Shasta, thank you for your support.

 I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. In Love, Light and Service, Sandra"


the SHIFT is Here. Now is TIME. Stay Centered. Don't get caught up in Illusion. Keep the Calm Inside and TRUST you KNOW what is Happening NOW and that it is Wonderful and DIvine, no matter how it looks or what others say.

" The Shift

(Suzanne) Renee would like to know what you can share with us about the shift.(Subconscious) Hold on to your hat, it’s going to be a big one! She is ready, she doesn’t know but she’s ready.

(Suzanne) Can you tell us about the transition? (SC) It will be a gradual transition, it won’t happen in a split second. But relatively it will be a short time.

(Suzanne) Can you give us a linear time frame? (SC) It will happen over a year or two. When you look over the history of the world, that’s a very short period.

(Suzanne) What changes should we be aware of? As you are shifting your frequency, you are going to be aware that things are different, things are happening. 

(Suzanne)  Can you describe how we will feel that? (SC) How you live your life, it’s love, being surrounded by love, it’s an indicator, when you can feel that. You are raising your frequency when you feel love. It will happen in pockets around the world. Some people are ready others are not. The ones that are struggling are not ready to shift.

(Suzanne) So, in that shift will the governments be aware of what is going on and come forward with information? How will the general public understand what is taking place? (SC) The governments do not understand it, they are not shifting. It will be through people like you and others.

(Suzanne) Light workers? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) Will the changes effect the weather pattern? (SC) They already are.

(Suzanne) Is there anything that we need to do to prepare for that? (SC) Just be prepared, be able to take care of you & your family and those around you. Provide food, shelter. There will be people who are very confused. You may need to be able to protect yourselves from them. I don’t believe in violence but you may find the need to defend yourselves.

(Suzanne) So we may find the need to protect ourselves from those who are not ready to shift? (SC) Yes, there will be those who are ready to shift and those who are not.

The Old Earth & The New Earth
(Suzanne) And they say the Earth will split from the ‘old’ Earth to the ‘new’ Earth. Is that how you perceive it? (SC) Yes, those who have transitioned and shifted and those who have not.

(Suzanne) And what will life be like for those who choose not to shift? (SC)It will not be good. There reality will be one of wars, hunger, violence.

(Suzanne) And what will their perception be of those who have transitioned? (SC) They will not understand it.

(Suzanne) And for those who do shift, what will that experience be like? (SC) It will be peaceful and loving, everyone helping each other. When you lose the whole ego, you then use the most important piece -of 3-D.

(Suzanne) After the shift, without the ego, will we be of a group mind? (SC) Yes, we will all be connected of the greater consciousness.

(Suzanne) We’ll be ‘ consciously connected?’ (SC) Yes (giggles).

(Suzanne) We’ll be consciously connected to what we’re subconsciously connected to now?! (SC) YES! Consciously connected to the Greater Consciousness, phew!

Role of the Lightworker
(Suzanne) Is there anything that we forgot to ask, that you would like to share with us?(SC) Just continue on your journey. You are all making incredible progress. It’s exciting to see!

(Suzanne) It’s always such a joy to have a conversation with the SC, thank you for all you have to give us. So is Renee here, walking the Earth right now to experience the shift?(SC) Yes, she is. Everyone who is walking the Earth is here for that purpose.

(Suzanne) And for those who are not awake, why are they here at this time? What is their purpose? (SC) It’s all the matter of self determination, the matter of being able to choose. Some have learned their lessons and are moving forward and some are stuck, can’t get past it, can’t make the shift.

(Suzanne) So is the role of light workers… (SC) All you can do is to present the information. the decision to accept the information and to act on it is the individuals.

(Suzanne) Is it also truth that those who are awake are holding energy for the planet to assist in making this transition? (SC) Yes, not only do you hold the energy but you hold the key to help others to release the energy as well. 

(Suzanne) And the care of the body? (SC) Supply the body with good food and clean water. The hormones and chemicals hold you back.

(Suzanne) Is that done intentionally? (SC) Not intentionally by the farmers the suppliers. But when the knowledge is shared that by putting hormones in your cattle so they grow bigger, say, that information is given by the… mischief makers.

The Mischief Makers and the U.S. Election

(Suzanne) So let’s talk about them. Are there people in control of the world right now that don’t have the highest intentions? (SC) Yes, I would say they have been here, they have had a great impact. I would NOT say they are in control now. I think the work by the light workers & the extra terrestrials- for lack of a better term, is helping. The mischief makers have been here but they are fading and shifting and they definitely been here.

(Suzanne) So in the shift will we need the physical body? (SC) You won’t need the physical body in the way you do now. That’s part of the reason you come to Earth, to experience the physical body and all the sensations. But you don’t need it.

(Suzanne) Is that kind of like when we are dreaming? (SC) Yes, you let go of the body and go where you need to, still experience what you need to but not from the physical perspective.

(Suzanne) Will the outcome of the US elections really matter? (SC) No, the transition of the shift is still going to happen in the next few years, it really doesn’t matter. No politicians in the New Earth, no political ads!

(Suzanne) Hooray!!

Creator of the Earth & The Creator of the Greater Consciousness
(Suzanne) Tell me about our Creator. (SC) We have all existed for all time. Are you thinking about the Creator of the Earth or the Creator of the Greater Consciousness or…

(Suzanne) Well, I bit off more than I knew there! Let’s talk about the Creator of the Earth. (SC) Well, just as you say that, we want to go the other route.

(Suzanne) giggles, Ok! You have the floor!

(SC) The Creator Consciousness has always existed and always will. we have, over time, in Earth terms, sometimes have gotten very board. We want to experience different things and learn.

We want to learn different things from different perspectives. 

So the Creator Consciousness caused the Earth to form. Then at different times, we choose to come to Earth. We choose who we’re going to be with on Earth, as in our parents and families. We know that before we come to Earth. So based on whatever experiences we want to teach or learn, we come to a particular situation or family. We come here to learn what we choose. We forget where we come from because to learn from experience is much different than being aware of it. That would impact our learning. So that is all erased when we are born on Earth.

(Suzanne) So tell me about the Creator of the Earth. (SC) We’re ALL Creators of the Earth! It all comes from the Greater Consciousness, of which we’re all apart.

Parallel Lives

(Suzanne) I would like to understand more about parallel lives. What can you share with me?

(SC) So on Earth, we think of time being linear. When you think of parallel lives, think of taking a knife and chopping up that linear line and putting those pieces beside each other.  You have multiple lives going on at the same time, in different locations. But you’re not aware of them because it would be too confusing for you! -giggles.

(Suzanne) You have to speak simply here, it’s just me!   So then, in a parallel life that I am having, it’s felt just as ‘real’ as I’m feeling this life? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) And the purpose of having parallel lives is to experience more at once? (SC) Yes, more lessons, more learning. You remember them all when you leave the body and go back to the spiritual life, then you can bring those all together.

(Suzanne) I got it!  So, is there a reason to get to a point of being able to remember each of our parallel lives and does everybody have them? (SC) Everyone can have them, it’s really up to us. You can choose to have one, you can choose to have many. Some want to have one at a time, some want to learn quickly so they have parallel lives. (Talk about multi-tasking!!)

(Suzanne) How would we know we are having a parallel life?(SC) I don’t think that you would. We would block it so you are concentrating on one at a time. These lives that we have been regressing through today do not have to happen linearly, they can happen parallel as well.

(Suzanne) My late father had a theory that ‘time’ happened backwards, so this just adds to the possibilities…of my confusion! (giggles)

Returning to Spirit After a Life Experience
(Suzanne) So tell me about the space we occupy when we leave the body, end the life.(SC) You go back to a place, if the end of the life has been traumatic, you go back to a place of orientation, into that space. It takes a while to get back to a straight, spiritual being. It’s a very pleasant place. There is no fighting, no war. It is very peaceful.

(Suzanne) And can we still check in on our loved ones that are still here? (SC) Yes you can. But you find your priorities shift. your focus isn’t so much on the ones you left behind than on the work at hand. It’s just the way it works.

(Suzanne) And from you perspective, does everybody leave the body, no matter the circumstance, when they choose to leave? (SC) It somewhat depends on the development of the person, if they leave their body easily, some bodies fight it all the way, which makes the transition for them much tougher.

(Suzanne) So when people are getting ready to pass and they ‘see’ angels and the what not, what is happening? (SC) When they are getting ready to transition, aids or guides are sent to help them with the transition. From the time they leave their body, they may not recognize the aids, they may doubt what they are seeing, but there is always someone there to help them.  To help them leave the physical body, arrive in the spiritual world and to help the re-orientation. It’s almost like being sick in the physical world, you need someone to nurse you back to the spiritual life.

(Suzanne) Gosh, you are answering everything so well and I don’t want to let you go yet! (giggles) I’m trying to think of another question. So as we come from Creator Consciousness and your desire is to experience everything,  so it is truthful that we can be an animal, we can be a blade of grass, we can be a rock, we can be a human. (SC) Yes.

Ancient Egypt, ET’s & Atlantis

(Suzanne) On the topic of Egypt, those beginnings came from ET’s? (SC) The pyramids? Yes. There was a lot of knowledge brought to the Earth from the ET’s, that over time man has lost.

(Suzanne) Will we find it someday? (SC) You are finding some of it now. They were not able to handle it when they got it.

(Suzanne) So is that like Atlantis? (SC) Yes. Another example of not being able to handle what they had.

(Suzanne) Are we in a similar situation right now? (SC) Yes, we are moving ‘through’ that, hopefully this time. We are able to be a little more responsible with it.

Multiple Dimensions

(Suzanne) One last question; how are we able to experience multiple dimensions? (SC) Tell me your definition of multiple dimensions.

(Suzanne) The common knowledge is that when we are in a human body, we are experiencing 3-D. (SC) Right.

(Suzanne) So we’re dealing with the ego and duality. As we transform through this shift, we’ll be raising our vibration, our frequency to come through the 4th & 5th dimension and higher? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) And when we’re in our dream state, are we traveling into those higher dimensions? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) Can we go lower? (SC) yes, I don’t know why you would but you can. giggles.

(Suzanne) So when we mediate, we are experiencing a higher dimension? (SC) Yes, much higher!

(Suzanne) So this type of work, QHHT, or TAUK assists others to reach these levels and open them up? Is there anything else we should know about this? (SC) It’s just getting the word out there to use it as a means to raise other peoples frequency. Many people want to raise their frequency but don’t know how. 

(Suzanne) So on a basic level,  when people just feel good, they are raising their frequency? (SC) Yes, just feeling, good, feeling love is all one needs to raise it.

by Suzanne Spooner  "

Source Article March 2017

We are NOT in the Sagittarius Arm anymore, We Moved. Like a SPACESHIP, we have Traveled through Space, Through Dimensions, Realities and places in NON-Linear Time.

We are traveling through space on Earth. Think of Earth as a spaceship. We have been moved from the Sagittarius Arm to the Orion Arm. Earth had to heat up to move through this phase.
I experienced the knowing of this as of May 2016 around the same time as this article.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Those Who are Affected" by the Mandela Effect as they say. For me it is not "being affected".
This is a personal experience. The thoughts we choose every single moment create our reality. Timelines, versions of us are merging. It is not an affliction, we are not victims. We are simply Conscious of the dimensions, the different timelines. It is not a disease, it's simply how it works. Yes it can be unnerving. It is certainly AWESOME, however, it is NOT an Affliction to me. It is a beautiful thing to see this happening, regardless if anyone around me does or not. They will when it is there time to see it. It is not my job to woe is me I am afflicted by the Mandela Effect, It is my Job to consciously choose my own thoughts and create my own realities for me. That's the Point of M.E. It is about ME, me being the best version of ME and letting others do the same without trying to convince them that what I know to be is or should be True for them.
"You MUST read the SIGNS correctly" Umm NO, you MUST read the Signs how you do, this is PERSONAL, it is about you Personally. There is NO Correctly.


Monday, August 21, 2017

"A galactic tidal wave of divine light is descending upon earth, raising the frequency. 

The Old Reality is Ending.

We will experience a dynamic re-calibration of electromagnetic fields into Earth on a global scale. Which will trigger a radical shift in consciousness.

As we reach the second half of the year, we will experience more energetic shifts, frequency expansion symptoms; the healing, balancing and aligning of the mind, body, and soul. 

The cosmic christ energy entering the planet now is increasing the frequency of our kundalini energy. And our auric field is expanding and becoming brighter. 

The aura is holding more of the high frequency cosmic energies it receives from the higher dimensions in space. As the aura expands, the person expands their consciousness. 

Our aura must go through these expansions in order to merge with new Earth. The frequency changes is filtering out any lower vibrational frequency from our body.

A galactic tidal wave of divine light is descending upon earth

As you feel these ascension symptoms; Emotional changes-feeling irritable, overwhelming mood swings. 

Mental changes-feeling disorientated, lack of concentration. 

Physical reactions-high pitch sound vibrating in the ears, intense pressure around the head, fatigue, exhaustion. 

This is a clear sign that you are spiraling upwards with Earth and integrating the higher frequency codes, thus creating an interconnected and unified crystalline body that will carry more cosmic christ energy. 

Our body is being reformed, redefined. When we go through this process, our DNA also goes through this process. 

The DNA is being given the programming to prepare for a brand new reality to be born within it so that it can begin to experience and visualize the new Earth beyond the lower dimensional confines of 3D Earth. 

The activation of neural path ways will trigger new perceptions, new information, new impulses and the re-calibration of our DNA, thus activating our highest DNA potential.

As the Earth spirals up through the star gate 4D portal faster and faster, we are taken into higher and higher consciousness within the new Harmonic Universe. 

As the veils are lifted we will perceive worlds of unimaginable beauty. 

Multidimensional reality that interconnects all things will be as clear as sun light. 

old reality will be swept away by the revelation of what we are, released, transformed into a multidimensional being, conscious, whole and free.

New Earth will emerge without fear, without war, without greed, in a safe custodianship of the awakened human species, manifesting peace with love, light and celebration.

Open yourselves to these high dimensional frequencies, open your heart, trust with love.

Now is the time of great shifting of the Ascension Cycle!

Within Love-Unity,

Sacred Romeo"

The Old Reality is Ending.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Timelines are Collapsing. Old Programs are Deleting. Ways of Life and Living that are not of high frequency, High Vibration are falling away. ALL is Well.

Love Has Won. Light Has Won. What you are seeing Playing out is the Clean up. All is WELL. This is all GOOD. You know that people are good, and good things are happening, what you are seeing in Government and Media is just the clean up. LOVE, Dance, We are soon to be Free from the Dark Cabal and past Controllers.

A COMPLETELY different AGENDA will be governing Humanity as we move forward. REJOICE, Love has WON. The Old is Coming down, the New will take it's place.  Chem Trails will be GONE, War IS Gone, Fluoride will NOT be in our WATER, we will not be slaves to debt and oppression, we will not be FORBIDDEN to use Natural Cures and too Have FREE ENERGY.  Vaccines are on their way OUT.

Don't be "baited" or "gas lighted" into feeling that things are bad, people are bad, and darkness reigns. As ALL is WELL. Light Reigns. Love Reigns.

Be Centered, Be Calm. Know that All is Well. Focus on What you Want in your Life. Don't get caught up in the hype, media, chaos. Stay Centered and Grounded. TRUST You and TRUST that ALL IS WELL.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

CHOOSE to synchronize with YOUR own natural excitement.

"as you further develop yourselves, new versions of Earth are being born.

Higher Frequency versions of Earth that were never before, are formed every split second (every ‘Planck length’-Cosmic heartbeat) of your time, as a perfect reflection of the believes you choose to define your reality with – in every Here and Now.

There are versions of earth within your reach at this moment, that are of a higher frequency than you might have ever been able to image. On these ‘possible future Earths’, you are living a dreamlike life, filled with flow, joy and expansion.

This idea can be experienced as a manifest reality, by anyone who chooses to synchronize with their own natural excitement, by living from a balanced heart-mind state. All of you born in this time-frame, have been granted the possibility, to ride the wave of this ascension to the fullest.

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"as you further develop yourselves, new versions of Earth are being born. Higher Frequency versions of Earth that were never before, are formed every split second

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Friday, July 28, 2017

I Think it is Awesome that our Kidneys are in a NEW location. Now they are not subject to cold winds, people stilling them and they are just better up higher and near the heart, right? If you don't know your Kidneys moved, Google Kidney Anatomy

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"You can literally ‘walk’ through time". "t we take our experience of reality as fundamentally true and absolute." It is Not, it is Subjective.

"We are not yet able to give a meaningful definition of reality – whether our own or otherwise – but we can be certain of certain ways we experience reality or realities.

One of the most basic aspects, which in some way can be seen as problematic, is that we take our experience of reality as fundamentally true and absolute. Except in cases where we think we are losing our heads, we do not question our reality and we certainly do not perceive it as being relative – that is, one reality out of an multiple or infinite number of alternatives. 

This is the way we are cognitively wired up and in a way it makes functional and evolutionary sense. We need to make sense of our external environment by having more or less stable patterns of how we perceive reality.

Although it’s OK to appreciate this fact objectively from a detached point of view, the problem is that most of us are subjectively blinkered to believe that what you see is what you get with no questions ever asked.

The Tragedy of Being Locked in One Absolute Reality

The way we perceive our reality is crucial and fundamental to our own living and survival both individually and collectively. Conflict, war and genocides were born out of interpreting the current reality according to one’s ideologies, beliefs and twisted historical facts no matter how irrational or insane they were.

Cultures are separated by different collective interpretations of reality and each one believes without question that their ‘reality’ is true and absolute.  In our modern day world, for instance, we do not often realize how we are living a consensual reality of unconscious consumerist madness. We just feel that’s pretty normal and the way it is…but clearly it is not…it is just a constructed and warped reality in which we were molded.

Moving Forward: From a Flat World to the Multiverse

On a more positive note, there has been a kind of slow historical drift or movement in Science, Philosophy and Culture towards the appreciation that reality is pluralistic. That means that the way we perceive and experience reality can be different for different people, cultures and timelines. 

Beyond this, Science has since the dawn of Quantum physics opened up its doors to the theoretical possibility of parallel Universes or what is often referred to as the Multiverse.

All these conceptual advances are starting to reshape the way we look at the nature of reality. What was unquestionable now becomes a subject of scrutiny and what was taken as absolute is now considered as a matter of degrees. This for me is the advancement of human knowledge.

One can now talk openly about the possibility of parallel realities and parallel timelines without feeling embarrassed or threatened by cynics and bigots…well at least to some extent.

So let us talk clearly and openly – new discussions need to open up and evolve.

There is now some general consensus even in scientific circles such as in Cosmology, Quantum and Theoretical Physics and Astronomy that there are multiple realities – not just different interpretations – but real objective realities that differ from each other either minutely or completely.

Infinite Worlds and Possibilities

The basic idea behind the so-called Multiverse theory, supported by eminent proponents such as Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, Max Tegmark and Michio Kaku among others, is that there are other Universes outside our own that follow the same laws of physics but have different configurations. This means that there are possibly Universes that have evolved exactly as our own albeit minute details. This means that there could be a Universe where you exist or have existed through the same historical timeline with some minor insignificant variations – such as where you wouldn’t have had small pox when you were a kid or one in which you chose not to sit for a particular exam.

More interestingly is the ‘many worlds interpretation’ in Quantum physics, which in short says that certain observations cannot be predicted in absolute terms since there is a range of possible observations with a different probability and each of these observations corresponds to a different Universe. On a macro level, the implication of this is that every choice, action or interaction you make is a range of possible outcomes that collapse into one in your current timeline. However all the other possible range of choices or actions would have been carried out in a parallel timeline in a parallel Universe where a Parallel you would experienced a different set of circumstances and carried out different choices.

Connecting the Parallel Lines through Higher Dimensional Consciousness

The big question is now whether these parallel realities and timelines experienced by different versions of yourself are just possible realities out there or are they realities we can connect to, exchange information with and possibly switch from one timeline to another. 

Weird as it may sound, there are people who theorise that we sometimes ‘switch realities’ without knowing because it happens in an instant and the variation is so small that goes unnoticed.

I’m not sure about this point of view but what I am very confident about is the idea that our consciousness may be experiencing multiple timelines at some higher dimension. I do not want to get sidetracked by my ideas about consciousness but in short I subscribe to the point of view that our consciousness is layered over multiple dimensions of reality at the same time although we mostly experience this third dimensional reality.

Some non-ordinary states of consciousness such as those experienced through certain entheogens give you the ability to experience your multidimensional consciousness. 

You access higher dimensional states of yourself transcending beyond time, your limited views of reality and beyond your ordinary sense of self. 

You can access information about your future because at even one higher dimension than our own, there is no unilinear direction of time.

You can literally ‘walk’ through time in the same way you walk through space. At even higher dimensions, it is very possible to ‘walk’ through all possible timelines at once. It is like jumping from one version of yourself to another.

Meeting your Other Selves

I believe that this is why we can sometimes have precognitive dreams or Deja-vu because information from our consciousness at a higher dimensions seeps through our normal waking consciousness or in dreams.

So the question is whether we can access information from a higher dimensional level of our consciousness which is experiencing different timelines of ourselves. In other words, can we ‘meet’ other versions of ourselves and experience or learn alternative possibilities. Think for example of the possibility of seeing how a more entrepreneurial or creative version of yourself behaves. How does she or he think, talk, walk, behave in certain situations. What habits would he or she have? and so on.

Making the Quantum Leap

Interestingly there are people like Burt Goldman who has spent his entire life exploring and teaching others about this possibility through a program called ‘Quantum Jumping‘. He believes that there are certain methods we can use to ‘get in touch’ with alternate versions of ourselves and get inspired to change and to acquire those traits which our parallel self possesses.

Imagine for example meeting the explorer version of yourself or the best-selling book author. What would you learn? What aspects of his or her personality would you like to brush off on you?

Fantastical as it may sound, I do have an inner conviction that there is so much potential to discover about shifting our consciousness and realities we still know little or nothing about. Just look at the way we sometimes get stuck in a flat reality with little possibilities on the horizon. We then make a shift in consciousness our reality and the way we experience changes completely. 

Our horizons expand and we start seeing opportunities we weren’t seeing before. We get energized and start doing things we never thought possible. This seems like literally quantum jumping to another version of our self.

What makes this shift? 

What makes us jump? How did we bend our reality? 

These questions are definitely important and ones we should keep on asking. Let’s keep on talking about this possibilities and as the saying goes – Give yourself a chance to be yourself….or perhaps other versions of yourself.

Gilbert Ross "